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4 Reasons Why Buying Food Trucks Helps Define Company Culture

Every brand and organization has a culture, and if a company actually pays attention to its identity from both an internal and external sounding board, opportunities for improvements will surface.

A company’s culture is what makes it truly unique and identifiable. It is like a finger print in that it may look like others, but it is clearly your own and there is no other like it. And just as is common with finger prints, some are linked to negative practices while others are not.

Innovative branding and published mission statements help others understand a company’s culture, but it’s the employees who really revergrate an organization’s energy and ethos from the inside out. Therefore, providing employees with tools, strategies and fringe benefits that align with the culture a company is trying to build is paramount to the grand perception of an organization.

One of the best ways a company can define, grow and promote its culture is to buy food trucks from a top manufacturer with an impressive portfolio of corporate clients. Here are four reasons why your company should invest in food trucks if it is actively focusing on its cultural identity.

Food Trucks Encourage and Embrace Diversity

The hallmark of a great company is found in its employee diversity. At the end of the day, skills, personality and professional goals play huge parts in hiring. But when companies are able to source the best people while demonstrating a diverse roster of men, women, transgender individuals, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, gay, straight, etc. a human rainbow of human beings adds value and multiple perspectives to an organization.

When large companies with 500+ employees invest in a few food trucks, not only are they profiting from the sales but they are also opening up opportunities to serve cuisine that reflects the diversity of their team members.

Food Trucks Encourage Employee Creativity

The old saying “you are what you eat” is so true. If you order a burger that comes in a plain white bun with no seasoning and sad, common condiments, are you going to feel energized and excited eating it? Now imagine a burger with a southern twist that comes on a bun made from cornbread perfectly seasoned with okra instead of pickles, a roasted corn relish and cajun mayo. You would likely get curious, excited, and come up with ideas of your own to make the burger even better. Food trucks are known for making creative craft food. When your employees eat something made with an artist’s touch, that creativity will help feed their own when it comes to performing their work tasks.

Food Trucks Restore Community and Collaboration

Think about the various companies you have visited and how people ate their lunch. Was there a crowded, noisy cafeteria that made having a conversation challenging? Or did you see small groups of people all over the campus with a few loners off to the side eating a sandwich?

Food trucks help companies restore community by providing exciting food in an outdoor, open-space area where cross departmental people can meet, share ideas and begin a valuable collaboration process. We all know how challenging it can be to get people from the marketing department to mix with the sales team. Having food trucks on site will allow people to have valuable conversations with those they normally wouldn’t talk to.

Food Trucks Help to Promote Employee Values

One great way for a company to promote its cultural values is through the food it serves its employees. In some cases these values can be very general, like “help make the world a place where every child has an opportunity for an education”. Then there are some companies that get narrow in larger values. For example, they might have ongoing fundraising efforts to help send Sub-Saharan African children to school and put food on their tables. Your food trucks can rotate menus to reflect your cultural values. For example, one day each week a portion of food sales can go towards specific charities your organization supports. The food can even reflect the cause; African cuisine is healthy, popular and can help remind employees (in this example we used) that providing food and an education to young people in parts of Africa begins with companies that care, and the people internally that keep values strong.

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