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Have Big Dreams to Buy a Food Truck? Let these Buyer Tips Guide You

Buying a food truck is the biggest investment a mobile food service startup will make. Not only is it the most expensive piece to the business, it is also the component that enables your business to produce product and engage in sales. When you are ready to buy a food truck, the company you partner with will be crucial. This article is intended to help guide you through the process of buying a food truck, and how to identify the amazing food truck companies from the ones who just don’t hit the mark.

Financing a Food Truck

If you plan to buy a food truck using cash, then this section won’t necessarily apply to you. However, most people finance their food trucks so we will go over this subject. The best food truck companies help their customers determine what type of financing they need, and they even recommend creditors and financing plans. The truly amazing food truck companies will even engineer a custom food truck design to accommodate the financial needs of their customers. Make sure your food truck builder is aware of financing options, and that they help their clients get approved for a load that makes perfect sense for their goals and capabilities.

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Buy a Food Truck from a Veteran Builder

You may not care how long your florist or dry cleaner has been in business (hey, service is service). But the time a food truck builder has been in business is a huge testimony to their ability to provide high quality service. Using shoddy welds, poor equipment, and construction methods that eat up power and provide poor insulation can increase your average order value simply because the condition to serve an item rack up higher costs. The food truck business is a close-knit community, and when a food truck company creates a poor-quality build, news spreads fast. So when you buy a food truck, make sure the manufacturer has been in business for at least a decade, as this time will attest to the quality of their food trucks.

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Look for Custom Food Truck Builders and Branding

When buying a food truck, your needs will not be the same as the company’s next customer. That said, there is no one-size-fits all food truck. When shopping for a food truck manufacturer, look for a company that considers the following items into your build:

  • Your local market and competitors
  • Your short-term and long-terms business goals
  • Your consumer audience members
  • Your operations
  • The menu

Knowing your local market and competition will help food truck manufacturers design a truck that will resonate with people right out the gate. Also, accommodating your goals is key in the build; the space must accommodate your current operations, and be large enough for future growth. The truck, its technology and branding must reflect something that meets the desires of your customers, and when buying a food truck look for a builder that will implement the right equipment and work spaces to make operations a breeze. This will also help you turn out your menu items with reduced cost.

When Buying a Food Truck Interview at Least Three Companies

Before pulling the trigger, speak to a minimum of three food truck builders. Look for one that meets this criteria, that communicates well, and that you feel will be your true partner in the food truck business.

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