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What Family Businesses Need to Know About Buying a Food Truck

If you are thinking about buying a food truck for a new family business, there are a number of things you need to know in order to protect your investment and ensure your business gets off to a prosperous start. In 2017 more than 70% of new family business food trucks failed within the first year because they were not equipped to go to market and turn a profit. This is why it is of the highest importance that family businesses contact the best companies for buying a food truck that know how to build the best custom food trucks to meet each business model and succeed in their target market. If you are about to start the vetting process in looking for a food truck builder who can launch your family business into highly prosperous future, follow these tips.

Look for Food Truck Builders Who Incorporate Your Goals

All too often food truck builders create vehicles without really delving deep into the family business growth goals. They simply get design approvals and push forward with little thought into their client’s future needs.

At Legion Food Trucks we begin every engagement with a client by understanding their business model, their goals, and their market. We also get to know our client’s immediate and future goals before our food truck builders get to work constructing the platform. When starting your family business food truck, make sure the builder understands exactly what you need to be successful now, and that your vehicle will help you hit your future revenue goals. The best food truck builders know how to scale the build so it offers enough space for current operations, while allowing just enough room for growth so that your business can take on extra manpower, add more equipment, and expand without having to move into a bigger food truck. Your goals are everything, and the best custom food truck builders will be able to construct the perfect lunch truck to help you achieve them.

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The Best Food Trucks for Family Businesses Come with Technology

When most people think of mom and pop style family-run food trucks, their imagination tends to go old school. But your buyers are likely new school and love food truck technology. The best food trucks offer technology that today’s customers love. For example, if you plan on serving the busy rush hour lunch crowds in the heart of the city, having an app that allows customers to order ahead of time will make you the all-time favorite food truck for working professionals. Do you plan on serving food outside breweries, parks, near the beach, or at outdoor festivals? The lines can get pretty big, so why not have interactive menu boards along with entertainment portals for people in line? Some custom food trucks have everything from video gaming stations to music systems to keep customers entertained. The best food truck companies can help you choose the best options for your customers!

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Ask About a Growth Driven Food Truck Design

It is if the highest importance that you have the right food truck design in order for your family business to stand out and be instantly recognized by foodies. The best food truck builders make custom designs using vinyl wrap of hand-painted designs that brand your business and let eaters know exactly what your food truck is all about. People eat with their eyes before they taste your food, so make sure the company you partner with is truly creative and lays out food truck designs that will make your family business a money-making adventure.

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