How to Build a Food Truck

Building a food truck is easy with Legion Food Trucks; we offer this interactive food truck builder tool that allows customers the ability to create a concept and generate a rough quote. Then our fabrication team will contact you to learn more, understand your unique goals and specific industry, and create a concept for a high-end food truck build designed to help you achieve high earnings and delight thousands of customers.

Get started building your food truck today. Simply select your mobile kitchen platform, equipment, and any other extras such as a branded vinyl wrap or interactive menus and technology to keep your customers engaged and coming back for more. Our custom food truck building team will follow up and get you well on your way to achieving a design that will make you the king of your local food truck scene.

Quote Generator

Fill up the form and select equipment by pressing the image until the checkmark is visible.


14 Feet Long

16 Feet Long

18 Feet Long

20 Feet Long



Electric Gem


24 Inches ARMG Manual & Thermostatic ¾" Thick Griddle Plate

36 Inches ARMG Manual & Thermostatic ¾" Thick Griddle Plate

48 Inches ARMG Manual & Thermostatic ¾" Thick Griddle Plate


AR-4 24 Inches Wide Range

AR12G-2B 24 Inches Wide Range

AR-24G 24 Inches Wide Range

AR-6 36 Inches Wide Range

AR4B-12RG 36 Inches Wide Range

AR36-4B 36 Inches Wide Range

AR24G-2B 36 Inches Wide Range

AR12G-4B 36 Inches Wide Range

AR-36G 36 Inches Wide Range


ARHP 12-2

ARHP 24-4

ARHP 36-6

SELECT Char-Rock Broilers

24 Inches Char-Rock Broilers

34 Inches Char-Rock Broilers

44 Inches Char-Rock Broilers

SELECT FREEZERS & Refrigerator

T-19 Refrigerator

T-35 Refrigerator

T-49 Refrigerator

T-19 Freezer

T-35 Freezer

T-49 Freezer

TUC-27 Refrigerator

TUC-36 Refrigerator

TUC-48 Refrigerator

TUC-27 Freezer

TUC-36 Freezer

TUC-48 Freezer

TSSU-27 8

TSSU-36 8

TSSU-48 8


302-LP Aerohot Steamtable is a propane gas

303-LP Aerohot Steamtable is a propane gas.

AF-45 Deep Fryer


Wrap Design

Wrap Installation

Sound System

Digital Menu

Security System

A/C Unit

Start Building Your Dream Food Truck!

Learn the ins and outs of the business and what it takes to get your dream food truck on the road.