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What is a Reasonable Price? How Much Should a Food Truck Cost?

legionfoodtrucks - February 8, 2019 - 0 comments

So here’s the short answer: there is no set food truck cost, because no two food truck businesses are the same. This means each food truck business relies on a wide variety of factors that attribute to the sticker price.

But let’s explore food truck cost in greater depth, and define the factors that matter most. This article will help people interested in buying a food truck make an educated purchasing decision based around value.

food truck companyThe Cost of Used Food Trucks is Deceiving

All too often, people think they are saving money when buying a previously owned food truck. But when it comes to buying a food truck that’s used, most only focus on the sticker price and therefore fall into the illusion they are saving money.

In reality, used food trucks are more prone to repair-needs, and often these come up fairly regularly. In addition, engine problems and other mechanical issues can surface that throw your food truck out of commission. Not only will you have to pay for repair bills, but the loss of revenue and the dip in traffic you will later experience as a result to customers going to your competitors will cause an overall greater loss.

food trucks for saleFood Truck Cost is Relative to Business Goals

If your goal is to expand and grow your business, then you will need a food truck built to accommodate your current and future needs. If you only have your sights set on maintaining a small operation, then you don’t want to overspend on something you will never utilize. The best food truck companies ensure all clients gain real value by investing in a food truck that will help them hit their short and long-term goals. The upfront investment cost will be based on growth goals, and a good food truck builder will be able to offer a competitive price for a custom food truck that will help their clients keep cost down and make wise investment decisions for their business.

custom food trucksFood Truck Equipment Cost

The best custom food truck companies will offer equipment at an affordable price. Ranges, refrigerators, freezers, griddles, friers, stoves and ovens can eat into the food truck cost rather quickly. This is why top food truck builders offer high-quality equipment at lower prices than the competition. Do your research and look for average cost, and look into the various brands. Read consumer reviews, and educate yourself. Even though your food truck builder is already well-versed in the world of food truck equipment, entering a relationship with a builder in which you know enough to be dangerous is always beneficial.
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