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Building the UltimateTruck

Our Process

Thank you for considering Legion Food Trucks. Your food truck is the foundation for your business and we are thrilled that you have trusted us with this responsibility. Building a food truck the right way takes time and effort.

Here is a brief roadmap of our entire process from choosing the right vehicle all the way to getting it approved to operate:

Day 1 - 30:

Design & Build Out

  • Choosing your vehicle size and type

  • Designing the interior layout

  • Installing flooring

  • Selecting kitchen equipment

  • Hooking up power source(s)

  • Installing gas lines and plumbing

  • Building a fire suppression system

  • Installing a concession window

  • Designing and applying your vinyl wrap

Day 31 - 45:

Licenses and Permits

  • Business license

  • Mobile food facility permit

  • Public health permit

  • Food seller’s permit

  • Food handler’s license

Day 45 - 59:

Health Department Inspection

  • Ensure proper food storage is in place

  • Verify cooking equipment is working properly

  • Check there is running water in the kitchen

  • Review paperwork and make sure the necessary license and permits have been obtained

Day 60:

Approval and License To Operate

Once your paperwork has been verified and your vehicle has been approved to operate by the city and health department, we will hand you the keys to your new food truck.


Building a food truck is easy with Legion Food Trucks.

Use Our Interactive Food Truck Builder To Get Started.

Let’s Build Your Dream Food Truck.
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Discover how much your dream food truck will cost and what it takes to get your business up and running.