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Why Buying a Food Truck is an Ideal Investment for College Students

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College students come in a number of varieties. There are those who worked their tails off to get high enough grades and SAT scores to be the first in their family to attend college. Then there are those who had to get the grades, but they also had parents who were alumni and come from a strong socio-economic background. Then there are students who have money in the bank, be it from family or an inheritance, but once they graduate they are financially on their own. For the latter two, buying a food truck from a reputable builder can set them on the right path to be successful right out of the gate once they earn their diploma. 

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Why is Buying a Food Truck the Best Business for College Students to Enter?

For starters, their target audience is where they live, eat, sleep, and work: college students. According to multiple surveys, college students make up one of the largest demographics in America of people who buy breakfast, lunch, and dinner from food trucks. This means student food truck owners don’t have to travel (high gas expenses), nor does it mean large sums of revenue need to be spent on marketing materials (news spreads fast on a campus). Buying a food truck is a great investment and an ideal way for students to save some cash for after college, or to help pay for tuition and living expenses. 

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Buying a Food Truck Makes You Your Own Boss

Did you know that being your own boss will enable you to get better grades and have less stress on your shoulders? According to St. Scholastica, more than 70 percent of all college students have a job. This can put a tremendous amount of strain and pressure on students, given class schedules, examinations, sports, and other activities. However, students buying food trucks are their own boss, and therefore they call their own hours. If they have a test in German literature next Tuesday at 4 PM, they can close the shop and put in some final cramming for the text without the fear of losing their job to someone with a less hectic academic schedule. Being a food truck owner means you call the shots, and when being a college student is ultimately your number one job, it is convenient to have a flexible solution to supplementing your student loans or to simply pad your bank account for unknown future expenses. 


Learn Valuable Skills that can Be Used After Graduation

According to statistics, students who run their own business while enrolled in college go on to lead more successful careers. This is due to the fact that student business owners get a head start on the trial and error process most people go through after graduating, and they enhance their communication, time management, and creative skills thus getting a head start on their future colleagues. In addition, students buying a food truck learn how to justify food truck costs and develop decision-making skills that impact profitability. 

If you are a college student and you have the means to make an investment that will help you pay your way through college and give you financial support upon graduation, buying a food truck is a smart move. Call Legion Food Trucks today and learn how a custom food truck can serve the needs of your customers, and help make you highly successful.
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