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What Restaurant Chains Should Consider when Contracting with Food Truck Builders

legionfoodtrucks - October 12, 2019 - 0 comments

If you are a member of an executive leadership team for a restaurant chain or a regional manager, and part of your responsibilities is to help increase revenue and enhance marketing, then by now you should be well aware that investing in a fleet from the best food truck builders can be a cost-efficient way for you to achieve these goals and more. 

But identifying food truck builders capable of meeting the strict needs of corporations requires locating a company that can go beyond the typical build requested by an entrepreneur or small business. This article is intended to help those responsible for locating food truck builders find ones capable of creating custom growth-driven designs for restaurant chains while simultaneously meeting all-time restrictions and budgetary needs. 

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Look for Food Truck Builders with Repeat Corporate Experience on their Resume

If you are going to give your business to someone capable of meeting the needs of your restaurant chain, then you should partner with one company on your shortlist of food truck builders that have repeat business with a mega-corporation under their belt. This way you can rest assured knowing the builder can meet the demands that come with the territory. For example, many restaurant chains trust Legion Food Trucks because the company has a history of repeat business building food trucks got brands like Google and Jack in the Box. When searching for food truck builders, make sure they have an impressive portfolio that proves their expertise. 

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Demand Food Truck Builders that can Satisfy Regulations

As a restaurant chain or corporate entity, there are a number of regulations you are legally obligated to meet. That said, finding food truck builders that know how to create a fully compliant food truck is critical. For example, based on the number of employees you intend to have to work in the food truck at a given time, the platform must be a specific size (this also varies on your state or county). You may also be required to have air conditioning, multiple exits, and you will almost certainly need additional safety precautions put into the design. 

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Food Trucks Builders and Sanitation Codes

Most restaurant chains operating a fleet of food trucks will opt for a stainless steel interior for sanitation purposes. All it takes is one visit from the Health Department in which mold is detected or other hazards in a single food truck for your entire business to take a hit. Stainless steel is easy to clean, dry, and because it isn’t porous, it is highly resistant to mold. Look for builders that create custom platforms only using stainless steel for all workspaces, flooring, ceiling, walls, storage, and equipment. 

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Design and Branding

Food trucks not only take your product to the streets, but they also function as mobile advertisements. When searching for food truck builders look for a company that has the experience to work with your marketing and brand experts to design an exterior that resonates with your branded identity with your target customers. People may be aware of your restaurants, but perhaps they have never visited one, or if they had, it was once. When restaurant chains have food trucks they get in the public’s face, tempt them with a catchy design embedded into brand recognition, and as a result, more customers convert and revenue gains unfold.
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