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Why the Best School Food Service Involves Buying a Food Truck for School Districts

legionfoodtrucks - September 17, 2018 - 0 comments

When it comes to school politics, school lunches and nutrition always seem to cause heated debates at School Board and PTA meetings.

With more healthcare data coming out on childhood obesity and nutrition for adolescents, school districts are under tremendous amounts of pressure to provide healthy lunches for students.

In 2017, 1000 middle-income range school districts were surveyed on the success of their school lunch programs. Surprisingly (or not) schools struggled to be profitable and offer healthy meals. More than 60% of students reported to buying food off campus because the cafeteria food didn’t taste good. Also, more than 76 percent of parents complained that there were not enough healthy options, and of the ones that were available, the taste was bland.

There are more reasons why school cafeterias are under fire, and losing popularity with students and parents alike. This article is intended to introduce school districts to the benefits that come with investing in food trucks, and how they can elevate their district to being one of the most cutting-edge in the state.

Buying a Food Truck Puts School Districts on the Trendy Map

Today’s food trucks are a far cry from the lunch trucks you used to find at construction sites were greasy burgers and tacos were prepared using frozen ingredients. Today’s mobile cuisines offer farm-to-table, fresh uber healthy meals that cater to a wide range of dietary needs. Thanks to various TV shows on the Food Network and other culinary media hubs, food trucks are known for serving innovative meals you can find in the trendiest cafes and gastropubs around the countries.

While your neighboring school district is serving up Sloppy Joes made from canned sauces filled with artificial flavors and greasy tater tots alongside boiled broccoli nobody eats, food trucks are serving hot open faced sandwiches made from all natural ingredients, along with deliciously prepared veggies that kids love. Food trucks offer art on a plate, and give kids healthy options that parents will love. When you buy food trucks from a custom builder for school districts, you set your school district up to be known as the leader others will look up to.

Food Trucks Build Community and Teach Diversity

The school cafeteria is a nightmare for many students. Each clique has its own self-declared table, nobody mingles with other groups, and these are noisy places ripe with distractions.

Now imagine a school district with several custom food trucks that rotate between schools offering various nationalities of cuisine type, within a setting where kids are more likely to mingle and talk. Eating outside around the food trucks encourages cross-sections of students to talk, and learn about each other. With this, bullying is reduced and kids learn about each other’s culture through healthy, delicious food reflecting various nationalities. When a Mexican food truck offers faire unlike anything you can find at Taco Bell, and a Russian and West Coast American food truck has menus that offer options to meat-eaters, vegetarians and pescatarians alike, kids will get curious, ask questions, and eat their tasty artistic meals.

Contact a custom food truck builder today, and learn what it takes to make your school district the state’s innovating leader in nutritious, trendy food.
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