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4 Reasons Food Truck Owners Should Try Wedding Catering

legionfoodtrucks - April 4, 2024 - 0 comments

Whether you’re planning to open a food truck business or you already operate a food truck, finding niche ways to elevate your services can improve your bottom line. While some operators may choose to expand their menu choices, experimenting with venues can be even more lucrative. Although you might not have considered it in the past, weddings can be a great way to make your food truck stand out. In fact, food trucks are growing in popularity as an option for wedding catering, with an estimated 5% of newlyweds choosing to have a food truck at their celebration. 

Wondering about the benefits of wedding catering for food trucks? Here are a few reasons you should give it a try.

Guaranteed Revenue

As a food truck operator in California, you’re competing against similar businesses in an unpredictable environment. Even when operating near a public event or busy area, you can’t predict how many people you’ll serve. Weddings are an alternative revenue stream that offers guaranteed revenue based on the client’s guest list.

When you cater a wedding, you can offer a price based on the level of service you’ll provide and the menu requests. Once you deduct your costs for supplies and employees, you can calculate your projected income. 

Opportunities for Word of Mouth Marketing

Although food trucks are rapidly becoming popular, standing out in the market can be challenging. Weddings can range from 50 attendees to well over a hundred, which means you’ll have an opportunity to wow many customers who haven’t tried your cuisine. 

Satisfied customers are likely to rave about your delicious food, friendly services, and any discount information they receive. To enhance the effects, you can prepare discount coupons and information about your loyalty program to encourage new customers to visit one of your more traditional locations or book an event.

Customizable Menus

As a food truck operator, you have more flexibility to step outside the bounds of a specific menu. While your clients are most likely to choose your business based on your traditional offerings, you can customize your menu to meet their unique wedding expectations.

Menu engineering to meet your customers’ needs can increase your profits by as much as 15%. In general practice, you might prioritize dishes by popularity and price range. When you’re working at a catered event, like a wedding, you can offer to add food items and create a specialized menu just for the event. To share your event menu, create a personalized menu board using the wedding colors to make available options clear to guests. 

Stand Out from the Competition

While your truck’s style and unforgettable menu can help your business stand out, the food truck industry in California is very competitive. Increasing your service options by catering weddings is one way to entice more customers to choose your truck instead of the one parked nearby. Catering a wedding goes beyond serving a meal to provide a personalized service that many trucks don’t offer. When advertising your service, consider how your truck can complement the venue while keeping your trademark visible, and create a price list for different levels of service.

Navigate Wedding Catering With Help From Legion Food Trucks

Food trucks are an ideal solution for weddings due to their mobility and ability to prepare and serve food to a large group on-site. Catering weddings can be an optimal way to expand your offerings and attract new clients.

At Legion Food Trucks, we support you through every aspect of your food truck venture, including truck construction, branding, menu design, and securing permits. Contact us for more information on how we can help your food truck business succeed.

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