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Social Media Marketing Tips for Food Truck Owners

legionfoodtrucks - June 27, 2024 - 0 comments

Food trucks are gloriously self-advertising. Wherever you go, the high visibility of your truck can and does attract hungry customers. But a little conventional marketing goes a long way. Food truck marketing best practices can ensure that crowds are waiting for you, that loyal customers seek out your truck at events, and that your reputation will grow as a local favorite mobile restaurant.

One of the best ways to build your visibility as a food truck is social media marketing. Let’s dive into the top tips for marketing your food truck on social media.

Adapt to Each Platform

Choose your social media platforms wisely and adapt your posting style to each one’s unique strategies. Food trucks are great for visual content like photos of delicious food, happy crowds, fun events, and smiling truck team members. Make sure to clip your images and videos to the right aspect ratios and lengths, with the right-sized captions for each social media platform you engage on.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Select hashtags that are relevant to each post, your marketing campaign, the food you serve, and the events you are involved in. Hashtags are how people search for content on social media, so increase your visibility and your satisfying search relevance with hashtag selection.

Combine Your Communities

Blend your digital and in-person communities through shared media. Show your digital community how much fun it is to catch lunch and join the party at your food truck. Then include links, screen names, and QR codes on your truck to connect your lunch crowd to your social media communities. Soon, they’ll be one big, happy, hungry family.

Be Consistent and On-Brand

Hone your food truck brand and make sure all your social media posts are consistently on-brand. Your brand has a voice, personality, and shared values. You may have certain themes, a penchant for puns, a fun mascot, or a passion for new recipes that will give your social media marketing that signature flavor that is you.

Engage With Your Audience

When your audience asks questions, @s you in their content, or shares pictures of your food and truck – respond, engage, and thank them. Answer questions and start discussions to do everything you can to build a conversation with your social media audience. Your page isn’t just a broadcast platform, it’s a community.

Share Where Followers Can Find You

Announce your food truck locations, schedules, and special events. Let your social media followers know where to find the truck if they are craving your secret sauce or just want to join the sidewalk party that starts wherever you set up shop. Make special announcements for events and hype your locations to get your community excited to see the truck in their neighborhood or at your festivals.

Post Frequently and Regularly

Lastly, keep up the pressure. Post frequently, energetically, and regularly. Don’t ghost your own social media channel. Remember to keep responding to your online people. Become a steady and positive presence with constant shares of mouth-watering food pics and community-building mini-events.

Boost Your Food Truck Marketing With Legion Food Trucks

If you’re looking to increase your food truck success – or plan for your grand opening – Legion Food Trucks is here to make it happen. We know the ins and outs of food truck planning, marketing, and more. Contact us for more information on how we can help your food truck business succeed.

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