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Does Food Truck Menu Design Matter?

legionfoodtrucks - March 12, 2024 - 0 comments

Without a doubt, the design of a food truck menu matters a lot. It helps on-the-go customers know the dishes you have, prices, and perception of quality. Customers need the information to make a quick buying decision. Keep reading to discover tricks for drafting a menu that is attractive, well-organized, and easy to scan.

Why Food Truck Menu Design Is So Important

A well-designed menu makes the ordering process more convenient, leading to faster services. Other benefits of a thoughtful food truck menu design include:

Makes the Menu Scannable

Food truck menus aren’t read in the sit-down traditional setting. For this reason, a good design leverages easy-to-read typography and visuals to guide customers quickly through your menu. The scannability ensures that customers can make a selection easily without holding up customers in line behind them.

Serves as a Guide Post

Food truck menus diverge from the conventional format, starting with drinks and sides. The twist makes food truck menus a little cumbersome to read, especially for diners accustomed to traditional menus. A well-designed food truck menu leverages color, font size, and layout to ensure everyone can easily read your menu and find all your items.

Sets the Tone for What Customers Can Expect

A good food truck menu design uses well-curated imagery to give customers a glimpse into the food truck’s offerings. The imagery creates an excellent first impression of your offerings, enticing customers to try your dishes.

Food Truck Menu Design Best Practices

At first glance, food truck menu design might seem complex, but you can achieve the desired design impact using the following simple blueprint.

1. Avoid Over-Cluttering Your Menu

When designing your menu, you’d naturally want to add everything you offer onto the document. However, including everything on the menu can cause cluttering, a huge deal breaker. For this reason, you’d want to limit the number of menu items to top-selling specialties. Ensure there is enough spacing between items to enhance scannability.

2. Use Bright Colors and Modern Graphics

Colors and graphics take center stage in food truck menu design. As a rule, use bright colors like vibrant oranges to draw the customers’ attention. In addition, stick with modern graphics to convey a sense of quality to discerning customers.

3. Highlight Your Top Dishes

A good menu design highlights your flagship offerings. Your standout dishes’ flavors will help differentiate you and strengthen your competitive advantage. Moreover, the dishes will give diners a reason to come back.

4. Maintain a Cohesive Design

Designing your menu goes beyond selecting appropriate colors, typographies, and graphics. It extends to using color schemes, fonts, imagery, and layouts consistent with your brand. The uniformity in branding will help reinforce your food truck’s identity.

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