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5 Trending Food Truck Foods To Add To Your Menu

legionfoodtrucks - March 31, 2023 - 0 comments

At one time, you only found food trucks at state fairs and on college campuses. Now food trucks are a popular way for people to explore new cuisines they wouldn’t normally try. 

If you are going to start a food truck, it is good to know what what food truck foods are in demand from your target audience. In this article, we will explore some menu options that are currently trending and sure to give your business a revenue boost.

Popular Food Truck Foods To Add To Your Menu

Trends come and go, so we don’t recommend revamping your entire menu. But adding limited-time specials or seasonal menu items is a great way to keep you current customers interested while also attracting new ones. Below are some popular food truck foods to consider for your menu.

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The sight of smokers just idling on the side of the road is a pretty common sight in the south but less so in the north. Barbeque has become wildly popular all over the US, and the varieties you can make are endless. Prepared traditionally, barbeque also requires low, slow cooking, perfect for a mobile food truck. Many regional variations, such as Korean, have also started appearing and have proved just as popular.


Sliders are small bite-sized sandwiches made famous by White Castle. However, new food trucks leave soggy buns and poorly cooked burgers behind with more imaginative variations on the theme. Whether you change up your sliders’ ethnicity (Greek sliders, for example) or the type of meat you use, there are endless ways to serve up these tiny delights—people like the variety of flavors and the lower cost of each slider.


Not long ago, you couldn’t find an Ethiopian restaurant anywhere in a city. Now almost every major city has some form of Ethiopian representation. The important thing is that the food is fantastic. Once people get over the unfamiliarity of the names and the fact that you eat your meal with spongy bread instead of forks and knives, people will come back again and again for this delicious food.

ethiopian food truck food on a plate


You can’t mention food trucks without mentioning tacos. It is hard to find someone who doesn’t like some form of taco, whether they prefer hardshell or softshell. Taco trucks were some of the first food trucks in the US to break out and become successful, and there no signs of it stopping now. People love tacos, and food trucks are an easy way to get them.

Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is the essence of good restaurant advice, make simple food and make it well. Most people love grilled cheese, so just the name will get people flocking to your food truck. Still, grilled cheese is also wildly customizable with various meats and cheeses that can be used to make a sandwich. No matter how you prepare them, this classic sandwich will always be a hit.

Your  Kitchen Should Support The Foods Your Serve

If you’re going to experiment with new menu items, it’s important to have the right equipment in place. If you need tp upgrade your current kitchen or add new equipment to prepare your food truck foods, Legion Food Trucks can help. No concept is out of reach for our team of designers and fabricators. Contact us today or use our interactive food truck builder to get started.

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