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2 Reasons Why Food Truck Manufacturers are Vital to Your Success in the Food Truck Business

legionfoodtrucks - April 11, 2018 - 0 comments

The food truck business is booming. In fact, it has been growing steadily for the last five years garnering the average full-time owner more than $300K per year. But in order to be successful, you need to research the best food truck manufacturers, narrow down a shortlist, and partner with a builder you can form a growth-driven relationship with.

There are a plethora of reasons why the right food truck manufacturer can help make you successful. Here are two of them that, if followed, will help set you on the path to making a huge ROI with a food truck business that dominates your market.

Choosing the Right Food Truck Platform – The Sale

When a food truck manufacturer tries to close the sale before knowing your business model, the foundation of your business is built on thrills and frills as opposed to logic. The best food truck builder will first ask some probing questions to better understand the client’s goals, their product, their customers, and their local market. Then a food truck blueprint will be proposed that is logic-based to help the food truck business owner meet his goals. If you work with a food truck builder who is quick to close the sale, you put yourself in a position where you are quick to miss the important facts and considerations that lead to a profitable venture. If you form a relationship with a food truck manufacturer who uses data and market analysis tactics to propose a build, then you have a strong platform for a strong start.

Food Truck Technology Should Be the Manufacturer’s Strong Suit

Various surveys reveal that hungry consumers who dine at food trucks place a high value on trucks with technology aimed at enhancing the customer’s experience. Not only do LCD screens increase your food truck’s visibility but they make the menu less confusing to customers who dislike dealing with handwriting on whiteboards. We mentioned that food truck manufacturers who understand their client’s customers set businesses up with a strong start. Based on the local market, customers favor different types of technology over others. In areas where busy professionals are dashing out to pick up their lunch while working on their tablets, speakers with music may not be ideal as would be in after-hours hot spots where some tunes can liven things up and make waiting in line more fun. As for the busy lunch crown, technology allowing them to order from the office with no wait time would be highly advantageous. The right food manufacturer will keep all of this in mind when designing your truck. LCD screens and exterior speakers will increase the visibility of your food truck at any event. They can be used to draw in a crowd and by including such things as mobile DirecTV and a digital jukebox they can create a festive and lively environment around your food truck. Providing a unique food truck experience can be as important as having a tasty and delicious product.

Legion’s graphic developers can produce digital menu boards which are uniquely designed to compliment your truck or website. Digital menu boards are more visible, easier to read and through a Legion designed “back-in” system menu items can instantly be changed or modified through any computer or even your mobile device.
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