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How to Determine The Right Food Truck Size For Your Business

legionfoodtrucks - August 17, 2022 - 0 comments

There are lots of different vehicle choices available for a mobile food truck business. Food carts, trailers, sprinter vans, and large 20-foot trucks are a few examples of what the market offers. Food truck size matters. 

Of course, choosing the right vehicle is one of the most important decisions you will need to make. If your vehicle is too small, you won’t be able to accommodate your staff and equipment. You risk overpaying and destroying your profit margins if it is too big.

So how do you know what size vehicle is right for you? This post will outline some key considerations to help you determine the right food truck size for your business.

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Food Truck Size Is Influenced by Your Menu and Clientele

Due to the need to provide kitchen space, food storage, and a place to do actual work, the sort of truck you choose will be determined by the scope of your business. Since food trailers can often seat anywhere from ten to twenty people, they are a viable option for companies that employ more than ten people. 

Similarly, if you’re serving dozens of clients daily, you’ll need massive, bespoke food trucks to transport all that food. A huge truck is a way to go if you offer a wide selection of meals since smaller trucks will only have room for a handful.

Location for Your Business

Location is everything in the food truck industry; you can’t go wrong. Find a busy area where you can park your food truck. The most convenient and space-efficient business is a little cart. Larger vehicles need more room to maneuver and must be parked strategically.

Always comply with your city’s parking and permit requirements for food trucks. Vending cart laws may be more stringent than truck parking regulations in your area of town.

How many customers will you be serving?

It’s important to consider how many people you’ll be feeding in addition to the menu items. Suppose you’re planning on providing a small number of customers each day; you won’t need nearly as many supplies as someone who wants to set up a catering business at a busy intersection in Silicon Valley. 

If you need to feed a big gathering, investing in a truck with plenty of room for supplies is a good idea. As a bonus, you can keep serving customers even during peak demand if you have enough storage capacity. Because of limited storage and preparation space, this may be impossible on a cart.

Number of Employees

The kitchen must be large enough to accommodate the cashier and the three cooks without being too cramped. Consider the layout and the ease of movement for your staff in the vehicle you choose for food preparation.

A maximum of three or four food trucks is allowed since it becomes increasingly difficult to maneuver a large fleet. Intriguingly, a food cart doesn’t limit your customer count since they can eat while standing outside. A food truck is your only viable choice if you want to employ more than three or four people. You shouldn’t have trouble locating this if you’ve grown your food truck size.

Build Your Food Truck with Legion Food Trucks

At Legion Food Trucks, we work with various vehicle types, from small carts to large trucks capable of housing a commercial kitchen. All our vehicles are built with quality in mind and guaranteed to pass health department inspection.

Are you starting a food truck business and not sure where to begin? Need help determining which vehicle is right for you? We are here to help. Visit our website to get in touch today!

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