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Why People who Buy a Food Truck Report Better Lifestyles

legionfoodtrucks - December 8, 2019 - 0 comments

Whether someone is trying to launch a family business or a restaurant owner is striving to expand his business out onto the streets, people who buy a food truck all have one common goal: they seek a better lifestyle. 

In 2018 food trucks in major cities grossed an average of $300K, which is roughly $70K more than what the average medical doctor makes in a year. Starting a food truck business presents ample opportunity for people from multiple backgrounds to make a very lucrative living, and with a multi-six-figure income comes the horizon of a better life. 

But in order to maximize your profitability and live the lifestyle of your dreams, it is crucial to buy a food truck from a growth-driven manufacturer who has a firm understanding of the design and the industry at hand. If you have started doing your research on the food truck business and have discovered facts about financing options and choosing the right food truck company, then chances are you are like most people and are now wondering if the investment will hurl you into a career that will actually impact your life. This article will explore some of the basic ways in which the food truck industry has improved the lifestyles of thousands of chefs and cooks.

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How Being Your Own Boss Improves Your Life

Food truck owners across the country report that being their own boss significantly improved their personal and family life. When you own your own food truck, you are at the wheel and make your own decisions. This means you can prioritize business decisions alongside family and personal objectives. When you are at the mercy of a traditional employment setting, you don’t have this freedom. As a result, family vacations, weddings, holidays, and other events are often missed. But when you call the shots, you get to prioritize the weighting of your work life with your family and personal obligations, which leads to an increase in overall happiness. 

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Make a Professional Salary without a Professional Education

Most people who earn a multi-six-figure salary spend an average of eight years in university getting a graduate degree. Then some will go beyond and enroll in additional specialty training. Student loan debt can put a serious dent in one’s ability to have the lifestyle they desire, but many view debt as an investment that will eventually get paid off with a lucrative salary. 

However, when someone sets off to buy a food truck and enter the industry, no formal education is required. All it takes is a basic understanding of business, some great recipes, and a custom food truck making the investment well worth it without mounting student debt of expensive educational investments. This means all the profits you gross go directly into your pockets and not to the federal government to pay off student debt making for a much better lifestyle. 

Contact Legion Food Trucks today, and learn how a custom food truck designed to help you achieve your growth goals can be the key to a massive lifestyle facelift for your family.
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