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Purchasing a Used Food Truck vs. New

legionfoodtrucks - November 30, 2022 - 0 comments

As a food vendor, taking your delicacies closer to the customers in a mobile food truck may help build customer connections and maximize profits. Purchasing a food truck is an expensive investment to your business that, if not properly undertaken, may prove costly and time-consuming.

Deciding on whether to purchase a new or used food truck may be the most challenging part of the truck buying process since one has to consider various factors such as prices, maintenance cost, truck value, and reliability over time to get the perfect fit. 

Here are some insights to explore whether to buy a used or new food truck.

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Buying a Used Food Truck

Buying a used food truck is an investment that will save you a lot of time when it comes to redesigning and giving your truck a personal touch. Also, buying a used food truck may be the best solution when on a tight budget with limited financing. 

However, you should conduct an adequate inspection before purchasing a used food truck to save you the time and money of replacing fittings and maintenance.

Pros of buying a used food truck

  •   Used food trucks are cheaper than newer ones 
  •   Reduces the time used in decision-making with regard to making personal designs
  •   Used trucks are already built out and may even have equipment installed for use; you only have to check if the fittings are what you need.

Cons of buying a used food truck

  •   They are expensive in the long term in terms of costs used in maintenance.
  •   Lower life expectancy compared to new ones since they may break down easily in case of mechanical default
  •   It may be difficult or costly to remodel them to suit your needs since you may need a complete overhaul of the initial design
  •   Unknown mechanical issues including wear and tear

Buying a New Food Truck

With adequate finances and in need of a fresh-looking, fancy and polished food truck, buying a new food truck is undoubtedly the best-foregone option. The pros and cons of a new food truck include:

Pros of a New Food Truck

  •   They are cheaper to maintain and have no hidden mechanical challenges that you would incur expenses on
  •   Personalized customization that matches your taste and preferences without depending on a previous owner who doesn’t exist.
  •   Have warranties from the seller or manufacturer since it is new
  •   Longer life expectancy, which means you can control how you use the truck

Cons of a New Food Truck

  •   The initial cost of purchase and investment is high
  •   It may take a longer time to customize the truck before getting it to work

Your Food Truck Is Your Foundation

Getting a new or used food truck has its share of advantages and disadvantages. The choice of which to purchase will depend on the financial position and urgent needs of your business that each of the trucks can tick. For instance, the initial investment costs differ between the two vehicles influencing your purchase decisions.

Legion Food Trucks is the solution if you need food truck customization and design services. At Legion Food Trucks, we offer personalized building and customization services that suit your food truck needs perfectly. We also offer consultancy services when it comes to purchasing food trucks. Contact us today to reach our expert team.

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