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The Benefits of Custom Food Trucks vs. Used Food Trucks

legionfoodtrucks - November 10, 2021 - 0 comments

Purchasing custom food trucks can be challenging, expensive, and time-consuming. The challenge rests on your ability to decide the appropriate kind of truck for your business. These processes often take time and involve a lot of transactions with manufacturers or dealers. In addition, there are distinct benefits of purchasing a custom food truck vs. a used food truck.

Although the critical difference between custom food trucks and used food trucks is the price, there are numerous factors that you will need to consider to have an excellent fit for your requirements. Here are the primary variations between the two that you will need to consider when making your buying decision. 

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Custom Food Trucks vs. Used Food Trucks’ Equipment and Layout

Buying a custom food truck rather than a previously owned one is more advantageous. With a custom food truck, you can decide the equipment to use, the layout, and other preferences. Otherwise, you simply have an established design, which can limit your choice of quality food truck equipment.

Every kind of food needs different pieces of equipment. Depending on the type of cooking you are serving, you will be required to choose specific equipment, or else, you may find yourself making changes to your menu. Getting rid of old commercial cooking equipment and replacing it with new stock can be costly. Instead, you should get equipment that is suited for your truck’s plumbing and outlets.

With a customized food truck, you determine the layout first. Rather than becoming stuck with installed equipment, you can decide what equipment you require based on the meals you make. You can even explore through different commercial cooking equipment brands to install in the truck.

Custom Food Trucks: Quality

Getting a reliable vehicle to run your business safely is one of the critical factors to consider when buying a food truck. If your van breaks down, you cannot run your food truck business. As a result, you may lose profits and the mechanical costs involved in fixing your food truck. Profit loss is a situation you may find yourself in when you purchase a previously owned food truck.

However, you have peace of mind when purchasing a custom food truck since you can pick out a reliable custom food truck manufacturer. You can also choose to buy a brand-new vehicle to make sure you have few or no issues at all.

Easy Warranties

For any venture, it is vital to have a backup plan. That is where your warranties get in.

A used food truck may not have a warranty. If anything happens to the vehicle, you are disadvantaged. You may end up incurring an extra amount of money to cover the damage.

Usually, most custom food trucks have a warranty accessible to you to protect your vehicle’s different parts of equipment. Some food truck manufacturers even provide warranties on their custom-building work.

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Health Codes

Whether you get a new or a used food truck, you must ensure that you adhere to all the health codes. When you buy a previously owned food truck from a different location, it may not have the local code. 

You don’t need to get into a position where you buy a previously owned food truck, and then you can’t use it at all. Luckily, with a custom food truck, manufacturers can work their best to make sure that your vehicle is guaranteed to run wherever it is that you intend to run your food truck business.

Which Option is Better for You?

There are various aspects to examine when deciding between buying a custom food truck and a used one. But if you are determined about getting into the food truck industry, it is crucial to choose a food truck that will meet all your business’s requirements and last for many years. If you need a food truck that can do that, your best option would often be to choose a custom food truck. Custom food truck manufacturers work their best to guarantee the smooth running of your business and profitability. Do not worry about food trucks for your new business; contact us today.

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