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4 Tips for Building the Ultimate Custom Food Truck

legionfoodtrucks - November 28, 2017 - 0 comments

The food truck industry is a great passive income idea, an ideal way for skilled and passionate chefs to make a very comfortable living doing what they do best, and it is an ideal way to be your own boss while exercising your creative instincts. But regardless of your reason for entering this highly rewarding industry if you don’t have a custom food truck designed to meet your unique needs, your earning potential can take a hit. Here are four tips for building a custom food truck outfitted to help make all of your business goals become a complete reality.

Insist on High-Quality and a New Custom Food Truck Build

Your ability to prosper as a food truck owner comes down to the quality of your mobile kitchen. That said, avoid the traps of the unknown by leaving things to chance when opting for a used vehicle that could have a number of hidden, costly problems. When you invest in a new food truck with high-quality components and equipment you will only have routine maintenance to deal with and you will have the ability to work when and where you desire without the business being put on hold due to a malfunction.

Make Sure the Glove Fits

You don’t want to overspend by going too big, and you certainly don’t want to go too small when it comes to building your custom food truck build. Make sure you sit down with a food truck builder who can assess your needs based on the food you serve, your market, goals, customer base, and output capabilities. He will be able to engineer the perfect-fit food truck to meet your needs and keep costs manageable.

Don’t Skimp on Technology

You may not think technology matters but think again. Multiple studies show that food providers who offer quick-order technology so customers can avoid line-waits have greater success and a larger customer base. Flat screens for easy ordering can keep lines short and fast for those who prefer to scope out your truck before placing an order from the office. Even music or other electronic-based modes of entertainment for those waiting to get your juicy burger or coveted tacos will be delighted and rescued from boredom (this means they will likely come back).

Hire a Food Truck builder Who is Also a Marketer

You can have the best food truck in Los Angeles or any other part of the country, but if your brand doesn’t inspire people to check out your truck and place an order, all of the technology and equipment from here to China won’t matter. When you vet food truck companies be sure to select one experienced and capable to market your business with an eye-catching vinyl wrap and sleek graphic designs. Remember, people eat with their eyes before they do with their mouths. And before they admire your food’s presentation, they first need to whet their appetite by looking at your food truck’s amazing design.
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