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Why Quality Food Truck Equipment is So Important

legionfoodtrucks - October 2, 2020 - 0 comments

What is it that sets custom food trucks apart from the competition? Is it a catchy name, the cool graphics on the outside, or the enticing scent of food wafting through the air? It’s all of those and more. But one of the most important things that elevate some food trucks above their competition is the quality of their food truck equipment. After all, a talented chef using commercial-grade equipment is what produces those enticing aromas that draw customers to a particular food truck!

The Importance of Choosing Quality Food Truck Equipment

Your food truck is the heart, soul, and face of your business. Don’t you want it to reflect your commitment to producing top-notch food for your customers? A great looking truck outfitted with gleaming new commercial-grade equipment is a shining testament to that commitment.

xThe most successful food truck owners treat their food truck as a restaurant on wheels. Just like a conventional restaurant, they rely on the proper equipment, staff, and management techniques in order to thrive in a highly competitive business.

Long Term Success Requires Longevity from Your Equipment

Non-commercial kitchen equipment simply isn’t designed to handle the constant use that it will get in a busy food truck. It also can’t produce the same quantity of food that top of the line commercial kitchen equipment can in the same amount of time. Investing in quality commercial equipment at the start will set you up for success in the years to come. It’s built to withstand heavy usage for a long time with minimal downtime due to maintenance or repairs.

Top-quality, commercial equipment will also help you attract and retain talented staff who will appreciate that quality and your obvious commitment to success in the food truck business.

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Reliability is Key to a Smooth Operation

Poor quality, used, or non-commercial equipment simply isn’t as reliable as new, commercial-grade kitchen equipment. Used equipment with an unknown history might break down just when you need it most. Residential appliances are even more prone to breakdowns when placed under the stress of a commercial food truck kitchen.

Equipment that breaks down or needs frequent repairs not only costs you sales that day, but it also leaves a bad impression on disappointed customers. Word will spread about your food truck’s unreliability, costing you much more in lost business than you would have spent on quality, commercial equipment in the first place. Bad customer experiences are one of the main causes of food truck failures.

Investing in the proper equipment allows you to prepare quality food in a quick, efficient manner. That’s something your customers value highly and will remember for the future.

Putting on a Food Show

Many food truck customers love watching the fast and fascinating action going on in a food truck as their food cooks. Since cooking competitions are so popular on TV, viewers of those shows are very familiar with the look of top-quality professional kitchen equipment. They’ll expect to see the same in a food truck. When they witness the quality of equipment and professional skill in your food truck, they’ll surely be impressed!

Are You Ready for a Custom Food Truck?

Let us help you bring your food truck dream to life. We can provide you with everything you need to get your mobile food business up and running. From completely customized food trucks to equipment financing and permits, we know all the ins and outs of the food truck industry. Contact Legion Food Trucks to get started today!

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