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Buying a Food Truck to Expand Your Restaurant

legionfoodtrucks - September 15, 2020 - 0 comments

The food truck industry has long been associated with startups, aspiring chefs, and budding entrepreneurs. However, the mobile kitchen industry is also a viable business model for established sit-in restaurant chains, especially those looking for low-cost methods of growing their brands. This article discusses why restaurant chains should acquire custom food trucks to expand their business. 

4 Benefits of Buying a Food Truck to Grow Your Restaurant

1.  Low Startup Costs When Buying a Food Truck

Buying a food truck and opening a mobile food business has lower startup costs than launching a sit-in restaurant. It’s one of the most significant advantages for small business owners and new chefs who lack the funds to create a sit-in restaurant. 

What’s more, food trucks have lower overhead costs. They require less staff, equipment, and crockery and cutlery, and lower ventilation and lighting costs than sit-in restaurants. Providing a seating area is optional. As such, an operational and profitable restaurant chain can launch several food trucks and keep them functional until the profits begin trickling in. 

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What’s more, as an established restaurant, you may have access to funds to purchase food trucks with ease. You can use your profits, savings, or credit lines to fund your new food truck venture. 

2.  A Mobile Way to Expand Your Business 

Have you been looking for several locations to expand your sit-in restaurant? Consider buying a food truck to grow your business and travel to the customer. A food truck helps you attract more customers and generate more sales while advertising your brand. You can park at different locations, and if possible, in the line of traffic. 

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3.  You Have Experience 

As a restaurant chain owner or manager, you already have experience running a business in the food industry. You already know what it takes to launch a restaurant, hire and train staff, apply for licenses and funding, get vendors and suppliers, manage inventory, and purchase equipment. 

Besides the operational parts of the business, you also have an existing brand. You have a loyal customer base that is aware of your brand, a logo that you can use for your food truck design, a list of critical ingredients and a menu, and a social media presence. 

While you may be new to the food truck industry, the idea of creating a new business model isn’t novel to you. Your experience gives you an easier time when launching your food trucks. Use each of these things to your advantage when expanding your business through food trucks. 

4. Getting More Involved With Customers 

Food trucks require few staff members, maybe a chef, an assistant, and a cashier. With the limited personnel inside the truck, customers can talk directly to every person in the team. Consumers can give direct feedback as they enjoy their meals, which your staff can bring back to your headquarters. 

The direct interaction is a great way to bolster your customer service and improve your staff’s training since they all need to understand how to interact with customers. The experience you gain from the food trucks can improve your sit-in services and vice versa. 

Are you looking for custom food trucks to expand your restaurant? Contact Legion Food Trucks today for assistance. 

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