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Corporate Food Truck Builder Chosen by Coca Cola & Jack in the Box

legionfoodtrucks - March 20, 2020 - 0 comments

With the growing nationwide trend in food truck spectacle, leading-edge companies have been noticing the food truck ethos. Having worked with the most recognizable brands, Legion Food Trucks has stood out as a team leader in the corporate food truck builder industry. We are proud to have completed multiple trucks for Coca Cola and Jack in the Box, among other brands, therefore, gaining priceless experience in building even an improved food truck for your corporate or business.

Corporate Branded Trucks

Corporate branded food trucks from Legion will automatically set your company on the path to success. We take your firm to a higher level by bringing an entirely new look. Our experienced staff of developers and fabricators bring new and groundbreaking ideas to every project.

Interactive Truck Builder

With our interactive truck builder tool, corporations create the best reflection of their needs. Our team will contact within 24 hours to learn of your goals, and together we come up with the kind of truck that will empower your brand. 

Custom Food Trucks

We have built highly successful customized food trucks. Legion Food Truck only uses the highest quality and equipment in our food trucks. Every installation in the truck is synced and aligned to minimize cost and maximize operations.

Stainless Steel Design

We use 18-gauge to construct our cabinets and counters, ensuring that they are more durable and have a sturdier structure. We weld together all shelves, cabinets, sinks, and storage compartments for maximum durability.

Easy to Maintain

We use stainless steel finishes. The ability to resist dust and grime makes them easy to maintain, clean, and polish.


Legion employs the use of color throughout our food trucks by using durable powder coats. In addition to enhancing the image of the food truck, the use of bright and vibrant colors also takes away the impersonal feel that comes with stainless steel.

High Health Standards

Health is a concern to every firm that invests in food trucks. Corporate food trucks from Legion are guaranteed to have a health department approval. Our custom-built comply with some of the strictest health standards. Every truck that rolls off our floor is permitted and up to code.

Financing Your Food Truck

Looking at how to finance your food truck? Here are plenty of options. General loan offers different types of options for business owners which include; getting a business loan from your bank, acquiring a microloan which is an appropriate option if you only need a small amount, and crowdfunding which works best for business owners who have strong ties in the communities they serve. Legion Food Trucks also offers financing options so you can easily apply for leases and loans on food trucks and equipment.

Legion Food Trucks love helping new creative and entrepreneurs build their dream! Our professional builders create true works of art designed to empower your brand. Contact us  and let us share our acquaintance and love of food trucks with you.

Download Our Financing Guide Today!

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