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What Family Businesses Should Look for in Food Truck Builders

legionfoodtrucks - March 22, 2019 - 0 comments

If you are about to start a family food truck business, you have likely thought long and hard about all the goals you hope to achieve, and the steps necessary to take to make your dreams come true. From recognizing who your target market is, to finalizing the menu, setting growth goals, and finding ways to make your family recipes live on so they can be enjoyed by customers for years to come, you have big plans.

The main piece to your family business is the food truck. So clearly your most important step is to buy from one of the best food truck builders  that can help you grow your business with a custom platform designed to place you firmly on the path to achieving your goals.

In order for your family food truck business to prosper, you need to truly understand your growth goals and identify how the best food truck builders can work with you to ensure you have the best path carved out to achieve them.

This article is intended to help family businesses discover how food truck builders can help them achieve their goals by getting them into a custom food truck that will help them attract and delight customers for years to come.

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Successful Family Food Truck Businesses Can Grow into their Truck

One of the biggest mistakes family businesses make when looking for food truck builders is selecting one that doesn’t take their future growth goals into account. For example, a team of cousins may buy a food truck to serve their grandmother’s tamale and taco recipes. They have a fryer, a 2 man-prep station, and appropriate refrigerated storage for their current menu items. But if their growth goal is to bring on 2 more cousins, add burritos, carne asada dishes and chili relleno to the menu, they will need a larger platform with more working space, a grill, a larger refrigerator and freezer, and a griddle.  Food truck builders need to identify these growth goals with clients in the vital meeting that takes place prior to building a food truck, and create a custom solution that will help people be successful with their immediate setup, while providing the space to add more appliances and people as they expand their menu and grow their customer base. When buyers identify the common problems others face in buying a food truck, and platform size is a big one, they can already start to position themselves for optimal success out the gate.

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Food Truck Builders Need to be Marketers

When your food truck builders set out to design your food truck, they need to think beyond the platform and consider who the target buyers are, where the food truck business will operate geographically, and use marketing data and insights to design an exterior that will resonate with target buyers. Most food truck builders hand paint food trucks, or use vinyl wraps. Vinyl wraps are especially popular options food truck builders use if their client’s operating areas are near the coast where moisture and salinity is high, where it is hot and windy, or where it rains a lot. Basically, anywhere the elements are not a comfortable, calm 80 degrees. Blowing sand and debris, salty air, rain, and intense sun can weather and fade the paint, and because vinyl wraps last significantly longer-lasting, the option is a popular one. The graphics, logo and other branding consideration needs to reflect your company but also represent who your target buyers are–all things savvy food truck builders take into account when designing custom food trucks for family businesses.

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