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Ready to Buy a Food Truck for Your Family Business? These Tips Will Help

legionfoodtrucks - April 26, 2019 - 0 comments

Running a family business is a life-long dream for many, and if it involves the food industry, the rewards can be incredible as parents, siblings, cousins and others share family recipes that span across generations. One of the most profitable and enjoyable family business models begins when you buy a food truck from one of the best food truck builders in the country that manufacturers your platform according to current and future needs, and this article is intended to help families learn how to find the best food truck company to help them have a strong start right out the gate, and for years to come.

Buy a Food Truck from a Builder Who Analyzes Your Current Needs

When you are ready to buy a food truck, look for a builder who analyzes your current operations and is able to engineer a food truck platform best suited to work for your business. Based on your local market, customers, hours of operation, menu and employees, you need to buy a food truck that has the appropriate floorspace, counter space, and equipment. A good food truck company will be able to collaborate with you, understand your business, and build a custom food truck that will help maximize your efficiency out the gate and for years to come.

When You Buy a Food Truck, Think Long-Term Goals

One of the biggest mistakes made by family food truck business owners is to sell their lunch truck in order to buy a food truck that’s new when their growth hits a certain point making their current one obsolete. Instead, it is more profitable to work with food truck builders who can design a food truck to serve its purpose now, and that can accommodate the space and functionality down the road when you hit your growth goals. For example, you may have a five year goal that involves getting a fryer so you can expand your appetizer menu with fried zucchini sticks, fried coconut shrimp, and fried mushrooms. But in the meantime you are conducting market research to see what food items would be the most profitable for your family food truck business, yet you still need the capacity to grow as the years pass. A good food truck manufacturer will recognize this, and help you buy a food truck that makes total sense for current and future needs.

Buy a Food Truck with a Pro Exterior Design

People eat with their eyes before they even taste the cuisine. And with food trucks this is especially true. In fact, a catchy food truck design is directly related to sales. Food trucks are trendy, and foodies love them. Just as finicky diners love a restaurant with attractive decor and a cool ambiance, food truck eaters love a great food truck design that speaks to them, their taste buds, and your family recipes.

Food truck companies use two methods to design a food truck’s exterior: vinyl wraps and hand-painted design. Both have their benefits, you just need to talk to your food truck builder to choose the right option for you. For example, if you plan to operate on the beach, a vinyl wrap would be better because it is more resilient to salty air than paint. Either way, make sure the design lives up to your brand and customer’s expectations!
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