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What Buyers Should Expect from the Best Food Truck Builders in the Industry

legionfoodtrucks - June 14, 2019 - 0 comments

If you are about to buy a food truck, then you have likely already begun your search for the best food truck builders in the industry. But do you know what to look for when it comes to identifying a true, top-quality food truck builder? Unfortunately, most people who approach the best food truck builders don’t really know what to look for and they simply trust everything that’s told to them.

This is similar to someone taking their car to a mechanic: the car owner knows there is a problem, and trusts the mechanic to gove them an honest diagnosis with a fait price. But buying a food truck will be your biggest investment, so when you partner with the best food truck builders, you should enter the initial conversation with enough information to be dangerous and ask the right questions that will help ensure you are making a solid investment. And this article is intended to help entrepreneurs, family businesses and startups learn what to look for in finding top food truck builders that can help them reach their growth goals.

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Look for Food Truck Builders that Design Around Your Growth Goals

Avoid working with cookie-cutter food truck builders that offer a one-size-fits-all solution for every business. The fact of the matter is this: your menu is unique, your customers are unique, and your growth goals aren’t going to reflect the goals shared by other food truck businesses. That said, when you buy a food truck you should expect food truck builders to learn your goals, business model, and build a food truck platform that will accommodate your present needs, and future ones. This means there will be space to expand by adding additional equipment down the road, and additional employees without building too big so that you spend unnecessary funds. Your custom food truck should fit your current and future business model like a glove, both now and then. And though this sounds ultra challenging, the best food truck builders do this all the time.

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New Food Truck Equipment is Cost-Saving

The best food truck builders will avoid selling used vehicles and equipment to their clients, and with good reason. last year, more than 90% of new food truck businesses failed in their first year, and the primary reason was related to faulty equipment and food trucks. Used food trucks and their equipment simply aren’t reliable. Most failed food truck companies reported tens of thousands of dollars in losses due to expensive repair bills (many ongoing) and the loss of customers–when a food truck if off the street not only is it unable to generate revenue, but its customers find their competitors. This is why the best food truck builders design new food trucks with new equipment so that all that is needed is standard maintenance.

When researching the best food truck builders keep these points in mind, learn what not to do when buying a food truck, and call a few food truck companies, and see where they measure up according to these standards.

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