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Custom Food Trucks that Comply With the Health Department

legionfoodtrucks - June 5, 2020 - 0 comments

Since its inception, Legion has been on a mission to advance the mobile foodservice industry. This is especially accomplished by being a one-stop-shop for all of your food truck needs. Not only can you have your own custom food trucks made, but legion will also help with the paperwork! This includes dealing with the health department and to obtain licenses and permits. Legion also offers an interactive food truck builder, to make building your food truck easy. 

The “Mercedes of Food Trucks”

Legion sets every client on a well-charted path of success. Every relationship is seen as a partnership, where you are set up for success from day one. After all, their name and the pristine reputation of being a trusted industry leader are on the line. This is why from beginning to end only the highest quality of parts are utilized in the construction of your custom-designed food truck. A truck designed to be a perfect fit for your unique set of challenges. You can choose to have their professional team design and build out what you need, with ideal functionality, from idea to real-world operation.

Up to Code Custom Functionality

Almost any vehicle can be converted into a customized food truck. Whether you are considering a school bus or a Sprinter Van, Legion’s skilled team of fabricators, electricians, and installers are equipped and experienced to more than bring your food truck desires to life, using the most refined equipment in the food truck building industry. All custom food trucks are up to code and in compliance with what’s needed to successfully obtain permits for operation.

Maintenance and Repairs

Once your food truck is up and operating, Legion doesn’t now take on a “you’re on your own” attitude. Should you need maintenance and repairs, you are able to schedule with them, and the team can handle many quick or smaller repairs within the same day. All food trucks come with a one-year warranty.

More Than Builders, but Marketing Experts

Should you need help designing your own food truck, Legion has a team of graphic designers to assist you. Your food truck will be fully branded with eye-catching graphics that make your stand out. In the end, you will not be left with the feeling that something is missing, as you will be confident that every detail has been carefully taken care of, exceeding your expectations.

Contact Legion Food Trucks, to breathe life into your food truck project. With every project, we offer a customized experience from concept to creation. No reason to deal with the frustration of working with multiple companies to complete your food truck, when you can work with the all-in-one shop. Let’s work together to have you loved in your market and hugely successful.

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