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Starting a Food Truck Business? Here are Some Loan Options

legionfoodtrucks - March 6, 2020 - 0 comments

Starting a food truck business may sometimes be challenging and intimidating, to any other entrepreneurship. Some of the start-up costs include insurance, commissary fee, generator cost, and inventory. Though financing sounds like a big deal, there are more creative ways to finance and start a food truck business. There are numerous types of loans that a food truck starter can receive. This financing can be in the form of unsecured business loans or asset-based loans. Here are some loan options:


They are the most lenient and most accessible loans to qualify for. They are offered by individuals rather than banks to business-minded people to empower them to build and operate a business. You can use a microloan for nearly any purpose, though, you will need to adhere to meet stricter necessities to be eligible for this category of food truck loan. This type of loan is business-friendly as far as repayment terms are concerned.

Starting a food truck businessCrowdfunding

The crowdfunding campaign is the scenario where the starter is funded by small donations by well-wishers to raise the required amount to accomplish their objective. This option can be an excellent option for entrepreneurs who have a strong bond in the community they want to serve. It’s advantageous because it helps the starter to create awareness before opening the shop. The people who fund may also ask very little in return. If you can’t qualify for other funding options and want to build your credit before applying for other loans, then a worthwhile option for you to access some capital is crowdfunding.

Business Loans

This option can be tricky because you are required to lay down some cash deposit upfront before getting approved for it. You are finding it hard to get start-up capital for a food truck business; business loans are available to suit your business idea.

Business credit cards

This is paramount for funding routine food truck purchases and supplementing other loans. With a business credit card, you will be able to pay for daily food truck expenses, whether small equipment purchases, inventories, or software subscriptions.

Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Food Truck

Initial Investment

The amount required to start a restaurant is very high. This is a discouragement to those that have a dream of starting one. To avoid such a hindrance, one may invest in a food truck business, which is relatively cheaper.

Testing Your Location

The food truck offers flexibility. Your business would not be limited to one location. This mobility will allow you to know the best places and markets for your food.

Building Your Following

Most diners are not willing to drive to a restaurant. Only committed customers may be ready to trip to your location. This means that you can bring your mobile kitchen to them. After they have tasted your food, they may become your loyal customers.

Are you itching and willing to start up a food truck business today? Looking for loan options that will bring your idea of starting a food truck business into reality? Legion Food Truck is ready to help you build your dreams. contact us for more information.

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