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How to Identify the Best Food Truck Builders for Your Business

legionfoodtrucks - February 11, 2020 - 0 comments

Whether you are a GM for an established restaurant, a member of a leadership team for a corporation, an entrepreneur or you are about to launch a family business, you and your competitors all have the same goal: wind up with a food truck that will help you achieve your own personal growth goals. Finding the best food truck builders is essential for your success. But what exactly makes them stand apart from one another as offering better value for their customers as opposed to those who are average at best? 

This article is intended to help all types of customers learn how to identify the best builders for their needs. 

best Food Truck BuildersLook for Food Truck Builders Experienced in Your Industry

The best food truck builders will have extensive portfolios in your industry. More so, they will have multiple projects across all industries under their belt. For example, Legion Food Trucks, a company known for providing ‘the Mercedes of food trucks’ has designed a fleet of custom food trucks for Google, Jack in the Box, Warner Brothers, and have had their team of award-winning food truck builders create vehicles for individual business owners. Look for builders that have this level of experience and breadth of knowledge that spans all industries and client types. With diversity like this, you can rest assured knowing your food truck builders are the best in the industry that can take on any project, no matter how difficult or simple it may be. 

Integrating Design into Your Business Model

Food truck builders will start the engagement by understanding your business model, growth goals, target customers and they will create a design around those factors. Buying a food truck is not like buying a family car: you need a custom platform, the right food truck equipment, and the right technology in order to have a truck that will help you achieve your growth goals right out of the gate. For example, if you have a staff of two and you plan to serve Omaha dry-aged steak sandwiches, but in one year you want to expand your menu to steak tacos, nachos, and burritos, and you want to add a frier to your truck and hire two more people, you will need a platform that will both accommodate current and future needs without going too big.

Make a list of the Best Food Truck Builders, and Get on the Phone

Once you have made your shortlist of the best builders, give them a call and see where they stand on the above talking points. Do they go above and beyond to build custom trucks that are unique to every customer, or do they pump out cookie-cutter trucks that hundreds of other businesses have? Find experienced food truck builders that create custom projects for every client, according to their customers and growth goals, and you will be in a position to make a killing within your first month of business. 
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