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You Shouldn’t Skimp on Food Truck Design

legionfoodtrucks - September 10, 2020 - 0 comments

It’s no secret that design is essential for attracting consumers. Whether it’s in the presentation of a plate or the interplay of colors on an advertisement, design plays a crucial role in making a lasting first impression. When it comes to food trucks, creating good branding includes overseeing the design of your food truck. With custom food trucks and the aroma of freshly prepared meals, you give your customers overall pleasant experiences. What’s more, an ingenious food truck design helps you stand apart from the competition, which could be parked next to you.

This article reviews the important aspects of choosing a design and explains why food truck owners should focus on excellent graphics.

Why Your Food Truck Design Matters

When you open a food truck, you’re selling more than a food product- you’re selling the brand. Your truck’s design forms part of your brand because it helps customers identify you from competitors.

When you have a clear and attractive visual brand, consumers can relate to your business, and when you open new food trucks in different locations, they can identify your brand. Establishing your visual brand also makes your future communication easier because customers know what to expect from your food truck.

Managing your food truck’s design helps you, as the business owner, manage your brand image instead of leaving it to the consumer. It’s crucial to avoid situations where a consumer describes you through other businesses. You want them to remember your business wherever they are.

Your graphics need to speak for you once your launch. Over time, consumers associate your services and their experiences with your food truck design, making your brand stronger.

how to start a food truck business

Factors Influencing Your Food Truck’s Appearance

The presentation of your food truck attracts customers—the more creative, the better. There are several ways to achieve a design that helps you stand out from the crowd.

  • Use your logo on the food truck for identification beyond the food truck. Your logo should be simple, easy to remember and timeless because adjustments can confuse customers. If you need to change the logo, ask your customers first, or advertise thoroughly.
  • Choose bold colors and clear graphics that are easy to see and identify. Think of it as shopping for apples. Everyone wants the freshest and brightest apples in the basket. The colors on your food truck should match your design themes. What colors represent your brand?
  • Select a powerful slogan that separates you from competitors, communicates your value proposition and is easy for customers to remember.
  • Choose images that are similar to what you sell. Even if a customer can’t read, they can easily identify what you sell from the food truck’s images.
  • Use bold and clear typography for advertising your name and menu. Your typography should also match your brand. Are you trying to look fiery, classy, chill, fun or spicy?
  • Use unique lighting designs to illuminate your food truck in the night and attract customers. The lighting should highlight the most important parts of the food truck.
  • Your food truck wrap can also include contact details through a QR code, website, and socials.

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