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Is Your Restaurant Opening Another Location? Buy a Food Truck Instead!

legionfoodtrucks - October 9, 2020 - 0 comments

Not sure whether to open another location for your restaurant or buy a food truck instead? Quality food trucks offer a number of advantages that brick and mortar location do not. This includes flexibility, lower overhead costs, and that ever-so-important “cool factor” that keeps your brand top-of-mind. So if you are thinking about expanding your restaurant business, consider joining top brands like Jack in the Box, Whataburger, and Jamba Juice in the food truck revolution!

Buy a Food Truck to Test New Concepts

Food trucks customize the whole idea of restaurant menus. Your menu options aren’t limited to what you’ve always offered. You’re going to the customer, so the customer expects you to accommodate their unique needs. So, as a food truck operator, you’re going to learn and implement multiple recipes and food concepts on an almost daily basis.

The exposure you get and the faces you meet every day will introduce you to new food ideas and recipes. Restaurants don’t offer the same opportunity, considering the high overheads, stock, and staffing costs needed to adjust to new styles and products.

Buy a Food Truck to Advertise Your Brand

Restaurant startups need heavy billboard advertising to reach target clients and create a following. Billboards, especially the ones situated in high-visibility and high-traffic areas, cost food establishments a fortune. Food trucks aren’t fixed locations. They can go virtually everywhere. Every kilometer the truck moves, it sells itself, giving your restaurant more exposure.

Food trucks sell your brick-and-mortar restaurant, as well. Any delicious bite of your nourishing and delicious foods will act as the first date of many to come. Clients who love your food will go the extra mile to look for your physical business address.

Since you already have an established physical restaurant, the brand recognition embedded in its name can create room for traffic flow and make more people buy from your food truck.

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Buy a Food Truck to Stay Inexpensive and Hygienic

Buy a food truck and get into the food selling field, with marginal startup and running costs. Food trucks don’t require costly rentals or regular expensive maintenance. Food trucks offer quality and delicious five-star meals at slightly lower prices not available anywhere else. They bring the best quality foods prepared by qualified cooks using high-end cooking equipment to your doorstep without doubling the costs.

All factors considered, a food truck is more sustainable, affordable, and versatile. Making your second restaurant location a food truck comes with the assurance of more exposure, higher traffic, a bigger customer base, and more potential sales.

Customized to make your goals a realism, current-day food trucks are efficient enough to keep your fuel costs low and durable enough to stand the harsh weather. They are pioneered to make your hustle a success, keeping the costs down and creating a lasting impact on your potential audience.

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