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Common Misconceptions About the Food Truck Business

legionfoodtrucks - October 14, 2020 - 0 comments

The food truck business is one that keeps on going strong, despite challenging times in the economy. Yet, a lot of misconceptions still exist about them to keep aspiring entrepreneurs from pursuing their dreams and buying a food truck.

What are some of these myths still permeating the industry? Some of them relate to how many sales are generated and the preparation involved. Let’s look at these aspects and what the truth really is about them.

1. Misconception #1: A Food Truck Requires Less Physical Work

While you do have the convenience of being mobile with a food truck to capture business in various cities, it takes a lot of energy to make it successful. Really, you have to put in equal amount of work as you do a regular restaurant or other business. Neither one is easier to run than the other.

One reason so many people think operating a food truck isn’t a lot of hard work is probably due to movies depicting them that way. In the 2014 movie Chef, for instance, it shows the lead character escaping the hassle of being a chef in a leading restaurant and opening his own food truck as relief.

What it didn’t show was the detailed reality of ordering supplies, acquiring parking licenses, and the amount of time it takes to keep a food truck cleaned. Still, the rewards are more than worth it when you put in proper time management.

starting a food truck business

2. Misconception #2: A Food Truck is a Fast Route to Riches

Yes, you can make a lot of money in the food truck business once you’ve established yourself. Don’t always expect a fast road to making money, though. The industry is very competitive and takes a lot of prep time to set up things.

Also, taxes often take just as much time to calculate. It takes careful strategizing to make sure you pull a decent profit, including finding ways to retain customers in areas where foot traffic is the greatest.

With the proper guidance, though, you’ll find tricks of the trade that help you put in the necessary work to move ahead of competitors.

3. Misconception #3: The Health Department Never Inspects Food Trucks

If you think you can avoid being inspected by your local Health Department, think again. Being mobile, it may sound like you’d never be subjected to a thorough inspection very often, if ever.

Always expect to follow proper health regulations as dictated by the state you’re operating in. Keep in mind you have to post the grade you receive from your local health inspectors in a place where customers can see them.

Customers will notice if you don’t post them, which could lead to violations. Never fear an inspection, however, since it helps you keep your kitchen sanitary for the public’s safety. Good inspection grades also guarantee customer trust over perhaps other food trucks in the area.

food truck permitting

4. Misconception #4: Overhead is Light

Expect overhead in your food truck business to become roughly the same as any other business. Vehicle maintenance fees, fuel costs, licensing fees, and rent are just a few things you’ll have to place in your expense sheet.

All experts in the food truck industry recommend you start a list of all the most pertinent expenses you’ll deal with before starting. A business plan is important for any type of specialized endeavor, even if you’ll have more than you maybe planned for a food truck.

Regardless, buying a food truck is potentially a pleasant business experience with the right professional guidance. Contact us at Legion Food Trucks so we can help you achieve this unique dream.

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