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The Latest Food Truck Technology and Equipment

legionfoodtrucks - March 31, 2023 - 0 comments

With over 4000 food trucks operating around the nation, the competition is stiff. Food truck owners can get an edge over their competitors by investing in food truck equipment with smart technologies that improve customer engagement and operational efficiency. Here are some of the latest food truck technology trends to keep in mind when upgrading your vehicle.

Food Truck Technology To Elevate Your Business

The food and beverage industry is constantly evolving and innovating. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, consider these innovations in food truck technology:

Choosing the Best Mobile Coffee Truck POS System CTA

1. Credit Card Readers

Installing a credit card reader in your food truck will make it convenient for customers to make payments. It will enable customers to pay with a credit card instead of making cash payments. There are several mobile credit card readers you can buy, but you should go for one that is easy to set up and charges low fees. For the best customer experience, use readers that work with EMV cards and contactless payment methods such as apple pay.

2. Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots

Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots will attract crowds around your truck, especially if it is packed in a location without a stable Wi-Fi connection. You can strengthen your Wi-Fi connection by adding a mobile hotspot router. These devices work well on smartphones with 4G and 5G capability. The mobile hotspot is a great way of attracting internet users who may turn out to be loyal customers.

3. Mobile Point-Of-Sale System

POS systems are comprehensive business management packages that offer food truck businesses a software platform they can use to handle different aspects of their business. They offer several applications, including customized menus, inventory management tools, payment processing, and sales reports.

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4. Small Business Management Apps

Small business management apps offer food truck owners the opportunity to manage their finances on a digital platform. Food truck owners can use them to calculate and collate their expenses and balance books in an automated system. They are also great for goal setting, expense and revenue tracking, and automatic billing. They help food truck businesses track their cash flow and stick to budget, ensuring long-term sustainability of the business.

5. Food Truck Locators

Your food may be the best in the area, but customers won’t know it if they can’t find you. Food truck trackers help customers find the closest food truck to their location. Locator apps automate the manual process of constantly updating customers where to find your truck on social media. Apps like FoodTruckIn provide a curated map of the location of food trucks in different cities. They also provide email updates to loyal customers.

6. Custom Mobile Apps

Food truck owners can create customized apps that make it easy for customers to order food and make payments. These apps allow customers to order while waiting in the queue, speeding up the ordering process. Such apps are great for customer engagement as they make ordering food a fun and interactive experience.

7. Event Management Software

Food trucks make high sales during major events, so it is important to have an app that tracks upcoming events and festivals. Event management software enables business owners to keep track of major events and make plans in advance. The app provides regular notifications of upcoming events so that business owners can make orders or increase staff.

Bottom Line

Food trucks are lucrative businesses but require innovation to make them stand. You can set up your business for success by sourcing reliable food truck equipment. Legion Food Trucks supplies high-quality food truck equipment to customers around the U.S. Contact us to discuss your equipment needs.  

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