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4 Food Truck Lighting Ideas To Attract More Customers

legionfoodtrucks - November 16, 2022 - 0 comments

When it comes to attracting customers, being creative with your lighting set up can go a long way to making your food truck stand out.

Creative food truck lighting ideas can give an impressive, fashionable and luxurious feel that will attract customers like a moth to a flame. If you’re looking for some innovative lighting concepts for your truck, you came to the right place.

4 Food Truck Lighting Ideas to Try Out

1. Cool and less bright bulbs in lighting

LED lights have lower temperatures and heat ranges that will make your food truck space comfortable. LED lights are also less intense than traditional fluorescent bulbs, so they will not irritate your employees’ or customers’ eyes.

Consider checking the kelvin and lumen scale of the bulbs you intend to use to ascertain the brightness is safe and the heat emitted is relatively lower.

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2. Tube bulbs for overhead lighting

Tube bulbs are perfect for lighting your food truck interiors since they can cover a wide area. Tube bulbs, particularly Fluorescent tubes and LED tubes, are recommended for energy efficiency to help save on the cost of power used in operating your food trucks. 

Consider tube bulbs that will perfectly adapt to your truck conditions to avoid emitting too much vapor and even place them in strategic positions that may prevent them from being smoked out when cooking in the truck.

3. String lights and colored bulbs

Colored light bulbs will make your food truck charming, given the relaxed ambiance it radiates. The colored bulbs should complement the interior of the food trucks to make them a valuable inclusion.  

Similarly, patio string lights are glamorous lighting additions that give customers celebration vibes, increasing your interactions. For instance, hanging patio lights on a tree or post near you or an artificial tree you move around with will emit the glitter that keeps customers guessing and attracted to your space.

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4. Plastic cup lights

Plastic cup lights are common, yet a sophisticated idea, if incorporated correctly, will attract customers to your food trucks. Plastic cup lights, particularly red ones, have often been associated with partying and celebrations, passing a sassy message to your customers with the impression that you are here to offer them a good time while they enjoy the wide range of delicacies on the menu.

Get More Food Truck Lighting Ideas From The Experts

Food truck lighting is an excellent feature in alluring and keeping customers glued to your space. Having the proper lighting and design ideas to make your food truck lively will increase customer interactions that result in higher sales. 

These were just a few food truck lighting ideas to get you inspired. For more tips on how to make your food truck stand out, contact our team of experts today or use our interactive food truck builder to create your dream kitchen today.
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