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Designing Your Coffee Truck Interior: How to Make the Most of Tight Spaces

legionfoodtrucks - October 26, 2022 - 0 comments

According to IBISWorld, there were over 35,512 food trucks in the US alone as of 2021. This figure is expected to rise as the convenience of a food truck is increasing in demand. As food and coffee trucks increase in number, so does the need for existing coffee truck businesses to stand out.

One way to stand out is to design and optimize your coffee truck‘s tight spaces for maximum functionality and aesthetics. Wondering how you will make the most of the truck’s tight spaces? Read further to understand how to design your coffee truck interior like a pro.

1. Optimize Your Limited Storage

Coffee trucks tend to be small and limited in space. Therefore, with the restricted space and relatively heavy foot traffic, a well-planned and executed strategy can save on extra space without cluttering your truck. One way to optimize your space is to install vertical storage. With vertical storage, you can:

  • Elevate operational efficiency
  • Improve accuracy in managing inventory
  • Improve your food truck space’s ergonomics.

2. Purchase All-in-One (Multi-Purpose) Appliances

Whether it’s a coffee machine or other cooking and food prepping appliance, ensure you get one that has more than one functionality in one machine. This way, you can save extra space and money on purchasing different appliances for different functions.

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3. Install Non-skid Flooring

Kitchens are prone to slippery situations and accidents due to spilled coffee or food items. Fortunately, you can design your coffee truck’s flooring to prevent slippery surfaces and accidents. Install non-skid flooring with more traction to prevent your staff from slips and falls, which can result in serious injuries. The best flooring for a coffee truck is rubber, since it is designed to be slip-resistant even when wet. Also, rubber flooring is strong and durable, making it a sound and long-term investment.

4. Install A Functional Cooling System

Uneven temperatures can make your food truck kitchen unbearable and uncomfortable. Furthermore, some foods need certain temperatures to remain fresh, usable, and edible. As such, you must have a proper cooling system to maintain the appropriate temperature. Simultaneously, you must ensure your kitchen is properly ventilated to avoid creating health and safety hazards.

Cooling systems come in varieties. As such, you can purchase a cooling system matching your coffee truck’s interior layout and decor.

5. Stainless Steel Designs Are the Way to Go

A stainless steel interior design for your coffee truck makes your space look neat and functional. Generally, stainless steel designs in kitchens are recommended since they are strong, durable, and easy to clean.

Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and is designed to withstand extreme weights. Such features translate to reduced maintenance and repair costs. A stainless steel coffee truck interior design is a long-term investment. Besides, a professionally cleaned and polished stainless steel surface leaves an attractive shine safe for usage in the food industry.

Build Your Coffee Truck

A coffee truck design should be flawless and engaging to allow you to interact with customers at a closer level. However, before serving coffee on your truck, you must ensure your interior aesthetics and value matches the exterior. Contact Legion Food Trucks—your local food truck experts to start designing your coffee truck interior today.
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