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How To Make Your Food Truck Stand Out

legionfoodtrucks - July 6, 2023 - 0 comments

You know your food truck is the one customers should flock to, but how do you get that message across? In the ever-more crowded food truck scene, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. Here are seven ideas on how to make your food truck stand out.

1. Develop a Cohesive Brand

Wondering how to make your food truck stand out? Develop a cohesive brand! Your brand should reflect the kind of food you want to serve and the type of interactions you want to have with your customers. Come up with a catchy name that reflects your brand and work with a graphic designer to create a logo, business cards, and a truck wrap that all work cohesively together. Your goal is to have your brand instantly recognized wherever it’s seen. 

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2. Design to Succeed

Besides being your kitchen on wheels, your food truck is also your mobile storefront. Vibrant colors and a bold design that reflects your brand will catch the eye of potential customers. Your food truck design should be unique and memorable enough that customers will remember it when they see it again. 

3. Excel in Customer Service

Customers are drawn to friendly food professionals who are knowledgeable and passionate about their food. When those same food professionals make customer satisfaction a top priority, their customer base is sure to expand. Treating your customers like friends, remembering their names and food preferences, and providing great customer service along with delicious food will keep them coming back.

4. Have a Strong Social Media Presence

Is your food TikTok-worthy? Mouth-watering images of your food, along with relevant hashtags, will help spread the word about your business. Use other platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) to promote your food truck business via special promotions, upcoming events, and social media contests. Don’t forget to list your location and hours every day across your social media accounts.  Also, use them to highlight any new menu offerings! 

5. Tweak Your Menu in Response to Customer Feedback

Your customers might be excited about your buffalo burger but would like a different choice of toppings or maybe they want more spice in their burritos. By listening to your customers’ feedback and adjusting your menu in response, you’ll develop a loyal following who will help spread the word about your food truck.

6. Make Your Food Truck Inviting

Lights, music, and colorful signs will all grab the attention of potential customers. A digital menu board placed away from the counter allows the customer to peruse the menu at their leisure. It may even attract people from farther away who just want to see what’s up and are then tempted into ordering.

7. Become an Event Regular

Events and festivals are a fantastic opportunity to connect with a larger audience. They’re also a great place to test new menu items and gather feedback from a large number of customers at once. Just make sure that you protect your brand by maintaining the same food quality and exceptional customer service as you would offer in the face of much smaller crowds.

Really Make Your Food Truck Stand Out

We hope you’ve picked up some ideas on how to make your food truck stand out. At Legion, we can bring all of your food truck concepts to life. Contact us today for a  food truck that truly stands out from the competition!
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