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Why Custom Food Trucks Make Businesses More Successful than Used Vehicles

legionfoodtrucks - March 1, 2019 - 0 comments

If you are researching the world of buying a food truck, prepare to do lots of reading! Keep in mind your goal is to take all the necessary steps to ensure your long term success, as well as a profitable start out the gate. When it comes to buying custom food trucks from a reputable builder, you may be naturally tempted to consider used vehicles as a way to save money. But, in fact, buying new custom food trucks offers more savings, and this article will explain why.

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Used VS. New Custom Food Trucks: Ability to Make Money

Many people are under the impression that used food trucks will save them significant amounts of money, but last year more than 80 percent of food truck businesses failed in their first year of operations, and the main reason was due to  mechanical failures that created major inconveniences taking food trucks off the road. Ongoing repair costs, plus the fact that customers went to the competition saw massive losses for food truck businesses, and as a result, they fizzled out. Your ability to make a profit is everything, and if you don’t have a reliable food truck to serve as the hub of your business, you are left with a weak core. In order to be successful, custom food trucks are absolutely the best investment because they are configured to help you achieve your specific goals and come to you in perfect working order.

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Custom Food Trucks are Designed for You

We just briefly touched on this, but in order to be successful in the food truck business, custom food trucks designed to help business owners hit their specific growth goals is key. Everything from your target customers, to the cuisine you serve, to the number of employees you have must go into the food truck design in order to create a platform that will function according to each food truck owner’s specific business goals.

Consider it this way: imagine a food truck business that serves up surf and turf. Currently, their menu consists of some basic items like lobster rolls, tacos and skewered snacks. They have two people working in the truck and sell in the evening down by the beach. But their growth goals are to include proper steaks to offer the true restaurant experience from their menus, sell downtown during the hectic lunch hour, and hire on two more employees. This means food trucks need to be customized to both facilitate current and future needs, and customization is where it’s at.

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Custom Food Truck Platforms

The size of your food truck platform is crucial. Going too big is an unnecessary expense out the gate, and will only serve as a hole in your profits bucket. It is important to find food truck builders who can design a platform that will allow you to achieve current goals, and grow into your future space as a highly profitable business making successful growth moves.

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Custom Food Trucks Foster Growth. Period.

Growth comes with custom food trucks that are designed to work around your business model as opposed to someone else’s. Make sure to partner with food truck builders who can design a food truck that makes sense for your customers, your business model, and your goals and you will be in a much better position to succeed and create a comfortable life for yourself grounded in great earning potential.

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