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Building a Custom Food Truck or Pre-Owned: The Best Choice for Your Business

legionfoodtrucks - October 16, 2017 - 0 comments

Your goals are likely in line with most other entrepreneurs: expand your reach, brand your business, create a memorable experience for customers, and drive revenue with a strong ROI. While these are common goals, the food truck business model is entirely different. You don’t have a brick-and-mortar shop where diners can sit to eat their meals; your entire operation takes place from a mobile kitchen, and if it breaks down your entire operation can come to a roaring halt.

A lot of entrepreneurs think they are saving money by buying a pre-owned food truck. However, there are enough statistics and surveys to support the fact that these vehicles wind up costing food truck operators more of an expense than going new. Here are some reasons why investing in a custom food truck is a better choice than picking up a previously owned vehicle.

Building a Custom Food Truck that Fits Like a Glove

If you pay close attention to all the fine details in MLB games, you will notice that each player has his own glove, and most of them are customized for the player according to his position, hand size, and history of injuries. You never see an MVP go and borrow his teammate’s glove, and if you want to be the MVP of food trucks in your city, you won’t settle for anything but a custom truck.

Food trucks are either built for general use, or for a distinct operation. Clearly, you will be more successful if your food truck is built to accommodate the type of cuisine you serve. For example, if you sell seafood and fish, you will need a freezer and a large refrigeration unit. If you serve up fried foods and burgers you will need friers and a large enough griddle. Trying to outfit an ice cream truck with a deep frier will likely interfere with useable square footage and require some modifications. Investing in a custom food truck designed specifically to accommodate your needs just makes more sense.

Custom Food Trucks are Cost-Efficient

When you build a custom food truck you get a new shell, new equipment, a new engine–everything is brand-spanking new. The only expense you have to look forward to is routine maintenance. Previously owned food trucks come with no guarantee; you can have appliances and internal equipment breakdown, or experience continuous problems with the engine. These bills can rack up to multi-thousand-dollar headaches. Besides, having a newly built custom food truck gives you peace of mind knowing that there are zero lingering disasters waiting to happen.

Fresh Branding Out the Gate

Sure, you can slap down a custom vinyl wrap on any previously owned vehicle to make it fit your branding. But when you start with a fresh slate, you don’t have to take certain things into consideration such as existing paint or body shape. Any high-quality food truck builder will incorporate branding into the build. Going new and custom allows you to work with a food truck designer to create an exterior body and vehicle wrap that best represents your business while taking into consideration how customers will respond to your branded style.  
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