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Does Your Food Truck Need a Bathroom?

legionfoodtrucks - October 24, 2023 - 0 comments

There’s nothing quite like owning a food truck. It gives you the freedom to take your culinary creations out onto the streets and provide a unique dining experience while making an impact in your community. But even with all the benefits of launching your own truck, there are lots of considerations to make before setting up shop. One important question you should be considering before building your food truck is if you should include a bathroom.

Do You Need a Bathroom for Your Food Truck? 

Whether or not you should have a bathroom in your food truck depends on a few things:

  • Regulations in your area
  • The size of your truck 
  • Where you’re planning to sell food 
  • Personal preference 

While bathroom regulations vary from city to city, most places require you to be near one wherever you’re parked and serving food. However, some cities also have restrictions on how long you can leave your truck unattended, which means you can’t be away for long. If you have space and your city allows it, a food truck with a bathroom on board can be a convenient addition that saves you time and helps you avoid breaking regulations.   

Pros and Cons of Having a Food Truck with a Bathroom

Pro #1: Productivity

Installing a bathroom in your food truck means your staff won’t need to go offsite to use one. This saves time, increases productivity, and allows you to serve more customers. 

Pro #2: Convenience and comfort

Public bathrooms are not frequently cleaned, and sometimes you might run into long lines whenever you want to use them. Equipping your food truck with a bathroom will help you avoid these issues.

Pro #3: Customer Perception

No customer wants to see the individual who cooked or served their food leave the restroom without the option of immediately washing their hands. Having a food truck with a bathroom prevents this from being a problem.

Con #1: Time

Dealing with gray water tanks or composting your bathroom can significantly add to the time you’ll spend cleaning and maintaining your food truck. However, failing to clean it when it’s dirty may cause customers to question your kitchen’s cleanliness, which can negatively affect your truck’s public image

Con #2: Space

If your food truck isn’t too big, installing a bathroom can take up a lot of valuable space. If you decide to have a bathroom in your truck, make sure it doesn’t interfere with the space you need to install counters, cabinets, refrigerators, and other equipment. 

We Bring Your Dream Food Truck to Life

Whether or not you’re considering a food truck with a bathroom or one without, Legion Food Trucks has you covered. We use top-quality materials to build a custom truck that fits your exact specifications. We’ll help you through the entire process, from initial conception and ideation to construction and installation. Reach out to our experts today to get started bringing your dream food truck to life!

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