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4 States Where Food Trucks Are Popular The Most in the USA

legionfoodtrucks - May 27, 2021 - 0 comments

California is probably the most popular area to start a food truck business. However, that doesn’t mean aspiring food truck vendors can’t find success in other areas of the country. If you’ve got a fun food truck idea, here are other States with high demand for these mobile locations.

1. New York

Food truck success tends to boom in New York City, where commuters are always searching for a quick meal. Jiannetto’s Pizza got its start as the original “Pizza Truck” in 1998. It remains one of the most popular food trucks in the state, serving classic Sicilian slices and other Italian favorites.

Luke’s Lobster is also a favorite among New Yorkers, famous for its delicious seafood sandwiches. While Luke’s Lobster started in a small shack, it has since branched out with 22 new locations in 11 cities. Two of those locations are roving food trucks in New York City.

food trucks USA2. Pennsylvania

The Keystone State is a welcoming place for food trucks, two of which were even featured on CNBC News. The Cow and Curd primarily serves fried cheese curds, a favorite among foodies in the Midwest. Located in Philly, this food truck is so popular that it frequently caters to business events and festivals.

Also located in Philadelphia, the Mac Mart truck serves up a variety of gourmet mac and cheese bowls. There are 19 dishes to choose from, plus the decadent mac and cheese sandwich served on thick, buttery bread. Like many other food trucks, the Mac Mart’s success eventually led to the opening of a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

3. Florida

The city of Miami is one of the best places for up-and-coming food truck vendors, home to Miami Food Trucks Events. In Haulover Park, guests can choose from several food trucks while enjoying free parking and live DJ music. The company also holds events in Pelican Harbor and Tropical Park.

Miami is also home to El Orgullo Latino Kitchen, famous for its eye-popping truck design and selection of flavorful Mexican dishes. J’s Cone Zone is a fun Orlando destination that specializes in ice cream treats and milkshakes. The Nutritruck in Tampa also proves that a food truck can distribute healthy food and still be popular.

4. Ohio

Columbus is another popular place for food trucks, including the creative Sock Hop Soda Shop. The truck itself serves delicious soda floats and sandwiches, but the presentation really makes it stand out. The servers wear 50s-style soda fountain uniforms and the truck’s exterior is themed to match.

Dessert trucks are quite common in Columbus, like Kooky’s Cookies and Amish Country Donuts. For some more substantial fare, taco and BBQ trucks also seem to be popular with Ohio customers. 

Bringing Your Food Truck Ideas to Life

As you can see, even a food truck located outside of California still has a lot of potential. If you’re ready to take your restaurant business on the road, don’t hesitate to contact us at Legion Food Trucks. We can help you design a unique truck and choose the best locations to operate in your state.
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