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How to Choose a Food Truck Manufacturer for Your New Food Truck Business

legionfoodtrucks - February 2, 2018 - 0 comments

If you are about to enter the food truck business as opposed to running a traditional eat-in restaurant, there are several clear advantages. A food truck is really like a restaurant on wheels, and this means you have less staff, lower overhead, cheaper bills and you can take your menu to any neighborhood of your choice, at any time.

But a food truck is still a business requiring an abundance of attention and nurturing, especially in the first two years. Food truck owners face some of the same things restaurants do: long hours, slow seasons, poor weather, and a challenging economy. But when you partner with a custom food truck manufacturer, you have an opportunity to step beyond a lot of the red tape and potholes that newbies to the food truck business encounter who aren’t set up with proper guidance to enter this exciting world. And this is why knowing how to choose a food truck manufacturer is paramount to launching your new business.

food truck manufacturerChoose a Food Truck Manufacturer that Designs with Revenue Growth in Mind

According to a study conducted by Food Truck Empire, the average full-time food truck in America grossed $300,000 in 2016. The food truck business is nothing to sneeze at; it is highly lucrative and the food truck craze has already swept America and isn’t slowing down. In order to take full advantage of your opportunities, you need to work with a food truck builder capable of designing around your business goals, cuisine, market, and customers. Food truck builders like Legion Food Trucks delve deep to understand the client’s business model, ROI targets, their consumer spending behaviors, and design a truck foundation that is just the right size offering the right amenities without going too small or too big.

Work with a Builder Who can Brand Your Business

When you are new to the food truck business, there is never a more urgent moment when you need to brand yourself in a way that drums up attention and allows your customers to make authentic connections with your truck through clever branding and marketing. The food truck scene has become a culture unto itself, and true foodies flock to hot markets like the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to explore some of the most innovative food trucks with unforgettable names and menus. Make sure your custom food truck builder engages in heavy research to create the buyer personas that represent your customers, takes your business goals and your name, and creates a blueprint for a head-turning vinyl wrap with a popping logo that will make millions of hungry people try your food truck and come back to it again and again.

The Best Food Truck to Compete on Day One

As soon as your food truck is open for business, you will be competing up against scores of other veteran lunch trucks that people already know and love. But you have something amazing to offer, and this is why having the right food truck to market to people and prepare and serve amazing cuisine is paramount to your success. Create a shortlist of food truck manufacturers, interview each one, and see how they hit these points. After all, it’s just your life!
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