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Criteria to Use When Searching for the Best Food Truck Builders

legionfoodtrucks - November 28, 2018 - 0 comments

Searching for the best food truck builders is no easy task. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of treating the process like they are shopping for a new car. But the fact that it’s a motorized vehicle is not something to focus on. Keep in mind a food truck is the foundation of a business, and it must be built to facilitate a healthy platform for hitting high revenue goals and delighting customers. In order to locate the best food truck builders, there are specific criteria that need to be held at top of mind. These tips will help you find a food truck builder that has your best interest in growing your business into 2019 and beyond.

How Long have the Food Truck Builders Been in Business?

Unfortunately, some food truck builders make shortcuts in the quality department. And this isn’t usually discovered until well into the first year of a food truck business when failures occur. These companies don’t last very long because word travels fast, especially when we use technology to research and shop for food truck companies.

In order to avoid working with these shady types, look for food truck builders that have at least 20 years of experience. Two decades is a great run and testifies to the fact that the food truck company has been producing quality builds loved by its customers.

Look at the Portfolio

One sign you are speaking with the best food truck builders is a vast portfolio with multiple client types. Look for a food truck builder who has supported entrepreneurs setting out in the food truck business for the first time. These can be challenging clients to work with because they are new to the industry and they may not know what they need in a food truck in order to hit their growth goals. If a food truck builder has successfully worked with a significant number of these clients, you know they are thorough and client-focused.

You should also look for a food truck builder with a number of mom and pop clients under their belt. Many of these clients have family traditions and expand their business, so knowing your food truck company has supported these client types is a testimony to their abilities.

Finally, look for a food truck builder that also has a number of large corporate food trucks in their portfolio. Corporations are extremely particular when it comes to food truck builders. Every detail must reflect their branding, take legal considerations into the function and build, and focus on satisfying their employees and customers. If you talk to food truck builders who have repeat work from restaurant chains and from large companies, you know you have found a quality food truck company that can help your business grow, with a client roster to prove it.


How Interested is the Food Truck Company in Your Growth?

When a food truck company asks probing questions about your business, they intend to use that information for the building process. So if the food truck builder asks you questions about your operation size, cuisine, and market, you know they are going to be very methodical and detailed. Avoid the silent builders who just want to roll out the product and move on to the next one; work with a food truck company that treats you like a partner.
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