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How the Best Food Trucks Builders Help New Businesses Grow

legionfoodtrucks - November 19, 2018 - 0 comments

Today’s top food truck builders do much more than build a food truck for new businesses with big dreams. They help their clients better understand their business goals and build a food truck that will help them achieve their goals.

Starting a food truck business has its risks, but with those risks comes a big opportunity to make multiple six figures. In fact, the average food truck in America that survived its second year of business grossed more than $300,000 last year. If you are looking to hire the best food truck builders to help kick-start your business, make sure they perform the following tasks covered in this article to help their clients see profitable growth.

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Food Truck Builders Should Align Business Goals with Design

When you start vetting food truck builders, be sure to locate one that asks probing questions about your business goals as part of their research for building a food truck. Most food truck businesses start out small and increase their operations as profit permits. Most food truck businesses begin with one or two people, then hire additional employees once they have hit a growth milestone. Your food truck builder should take the time to ask you what your goals are so they can design the food truck to accommodate you. But space for an additional 2 more employees isn’t the only consideration here. Part of a food truck business growth goal could be to expand the menu, and often this adding additional food truck equipment pieces. So the best food truck builders make sure the specs accommodate these future goals.

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The Best Food Truck Companies Build for Your Customers

Your customers are going to be the deciding factor as to whether your food truck business makes a sweet profit and sees steady growth, or flops and burns. Therefore, food truck companies should seek an in-depth understanding of your customers in order to offer build suggestions that would make the food truck experience amazing for them.

Here’s an example: let’s say a food truck company has a client who plans on working in Downtown Los Angeles selling surf and turf to the busy lunch crowd. Knowing that most people get an hour’s lunch break, ordering times will be a huge deciding factor as to whether or not people will do business with you. A good food truck builder may suggest an interactive menu that allows customers to pre-pay for lunches in order to avoid long waits. They might also suggest various technology devices that entertain customers who are waiting in line to make time fly by.

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Branding a Food Truck

The best food truck builders will know how to lay out a custom vinyl wrap on your food truck, or design a hand-painted shell design that looks sharp, brands your business, and remains memorable to your customers. Color, graphics, design placement, and social media tags should all be strategically thought out.

Look for a food truck builder who performs these tasks, and you will be off to a great start to see year-over-year growth.

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