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What Buyers Need to Consider when Settling on a Food Truck Design

legionfoodtrucks - August 13, 2019 - 0 comments

If you are contemplating a food truck design, then you have likely already done enough research to know that running your own food truck business is a very lucrative, rewarding career move. Most people are attracted to the food truck business for a number of reasons that include facts like most food trucks gross six-figure earnings, and you get to be your own boss. But in order to hit that high revenue goal and remain in business for yourself, you need to work with a food truck company that creates a growth-driven food truck design for every client, big or small. 

This article is intended to help buyers who are in the process of finding a food truck company that offers growth-driven design while educating readers on what constitutes a high-quality design that will enable a business to hit all of its short-term and long-term revenue targets. 

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Make Sure the Food Truck Design Revolves Around Your Goals

A good food truck design is executed with a firm understanding of the owner’s business model and growth goals. This means the platform size, equipment type, technology, and type of food truck you have designed needs to ultimately help you hit your growth goals while allowing you to make a strong profit as part of your short-term goals. 

But a solid design can’t be too big; it must be sizable enough to facilitate growth, but not be oversized thus preventing it. Creating a profitable food truck design is both an art and a science because the size needs to be specific so that it can best enable a business owner with the ability to hit their growth goals. Often, food trucks will go out of business because they are too big to turn a decent profit: a larger design is more expensive to run and maintain. This is why it is vital to work with a food truck builder that known a growth-driven design.

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Buy a Food Truck that’s New or Used?

Another part of the food truck design to consider is whether it is a new, custom build, or a used vehicle. It is important to learn how to justify food truck costs when settling on a design, and the question of new or used always ties in here. A massive chunk of aspiring business owners makes the automatic assumption that buying a food truck that’s used will save them money. And though the upfront investment might be cost-saving, the overall cost can spiral out of control. Last year more than 80 percent of new food truck businesses failed, and the number one reason was that these people invested in used food trucks, and ongoing repair bills not only racked up thousands of wasted dollars but all the time the trucks spent in the shops lead to further revenue losses and customers going to the competition. In addition, a used food truck is designed for another business, and not for yours. You wouldn’t buy gloves that are too big or too small, or the wrong color and material, so why buy someone else’s dream? Buy a food truck that’s new and custom to your growth goals, and help to further solidify your success. 
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