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5 Food Truck Storage Ideas to Maximize Interior Space

legionfoodtrucks - August 9, 2023 - 0 comments

You will quickly realize how precious space can become when running a food truck business. Therefore, having unnecessary equipment or an unorganized space is something you cannot afford. However, with proper interior design ideas, you can maximize your space and ensure you get the best service out of your food truck. If you want to maximize your interior space, here are 5 food truck storage ideas that can help you. 

Use Space-Saving Countertop Appliances

Several appliances can help you save your food truck space. For instance, a portable countertop can help you double your grill as a space to prepare your food while it’s not in use. A portable countertop can also be placed on the sink and used while it’s not in use. Other options include a collapsible countertop mounted on the side of the food truck and a pull-out chopping board. This frees up the space you need to set up the countertops and use the saved space to add more cabinet storage, pot racks, and shelves. 

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Invest in Multi-Purpose Smallwares and Equipment

Investing in multi-purpose equipment is a great way to help save your food truck space from bulky items. You can consider several multi-purpose kitchen appliances, such as multi-cookers, multi-function air fryers, and food processors. You should also consider space-saving kitchen tools such as chef’s knife and box grater for different food preparation activities. 

Simplify Your Menu

Even though you might want to serve as much food as possible, keeping it simple might help you save space and benefit your food truck business. Having a small menu means you don’t need much space to store your food supplies. Besides that, considering that you will not be stretching your services too much, you will be able to prepare high-quality dishes that your customers can enjoy. The extra space you get will help you set up more kitchen appliances to improve your quality and service delivery. 

Utilize a Commissary Kitchen 

Commissary kitchens offer a shared commercial-grade kitchen where food truck owners can prepare food away from their trucks. This allows you to store and cook your food before setting up the food truck at its usual destination. This provides extra space to set up additional appliances to improve your efficiency. 

Manage Your Supplies According to Demand

The kind of food served by a food truck varies with time. For instance, customers love seasonal fruits and vegetables in summer, while soups are mostly preferred in winter. Therefore, there are supplies you don’t need at specific times due to the level of demand from your customers. You can adjust your inventory and free up storage for other supplies or new appliances. 

Manage Your Space with the Best Food Truck Storage Ideas

Managing your food truck space can be challenging. However, with the food truck storage ideas described above, you can easily maximize your space and get the best out of it. At Legion Food Trucks, we can help you customize your dream food truck with the best storage ideas. With our interactive food truck builder, you can create a food truck with your storage ideas. Contact us today and learn how we can help you build your dream food truck. 

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