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Is Propane Safe For a Food Truck?

legionfoodtrucks - September 29, 2021 - 0 comments

One of the greatest benefits of a food truck design is the flexibility of going anywhere. However, this requires that you carry portable fuel and food truck equipment such as generators wherever you go. You have several options for fuel, including propane. 

Propane is highly efficient, making it popular with most food truck operators. However, its efficiency means that it is highly flammable, which creates a potential fire hazard risk.

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Propane for Powering Food Truck Equipment  

A generator is one of the main appliances used in a food truck. It powers all electric equipment in the food truck, including: 

  • Fridge and freezer 
  • Microwave oven 
  • Hot food holding cabinet 
  • Panini press 
  • Electric deep fryer 
  • Food processor 

Generators are powered by varying types of fuel, including propane. Interestingly, most food trucks use liquid propane (LP) generators, proof of the fuel’s popularity. Some of the benefits of propane include: 


Propane heats up at least 30% faster and is warmer than electricity and other fuels. This reduces the time needed to heat up your cooking equipment. Time is an essential factor when serving a queue of hungry customers on a quick break if you want them to keep coming back. 

Clean Energy 

Propane doesn’t emit as much carbon as gas, diesel, and other fuels. Consequently, using propane reduces your carbon footprint. 


Propane is odorless, whereas gas and most other fuels are smelly. Smelly fuel will make your food smelly and unsanitary. 


Propane burns about 35% hotter than other fuels, as mentioned, making it more cost-effective. It is also generally more affordable than most other fuels. 

Propane & the Risk of Fire Hazards with Food Truck Equipment

The fire hazard risk posed by propane cannot be ignored. However, it can be minimized by taking the necessary precautionary options. 

The best precautionary measure is to procure professional fire safety training on how to use propane in a food truck. Ensure that everyone using the food truck (including employees and family members who may want to help) is trained to avoid any hazardous shortcoming. 

It is also advisable to keep flammable liquids away from the cooking area. Propane is highly flammable, as mentioned, and the propane tank can easily catch fire when exposed to other flammable elements. 

food truck equipment

Choose the Best LP Generator 

A food truck doesn’t use propane as directly as it does the propane-powered generator. Consequently, it is important to choose the best generator for your needs. Some of the important factors to consider include: 


How large is your food truck, and how many electrical appliances do you operate? Ensure that your generator is powerful enough to power all of them. 


Generators can make a lot of noise when running the motor. Noise is off-putting to customers, and it will cause splitting headaches over time. However, some LP generators are designed to be as quiet as the humming of an AC. 


Some food trucks run for 24 hours. A generator with a small fuel capacity may not last as long, resulting in interruptions. As such, ensure that your chosen generator can run for as long as required. 

Don’t Skimp on Food Truck Equipment

Propane is efficient and affordable, making it ideal for running a food truck. It is also safe as long as you take the necessary safety precautions. However, remember to choose the best propane-powered generator and other food truck equipment. Contact Legion Food Trucks to learn more about propane and generators. 

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