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Should You Install a Food Truck Air Conditioning Unit?

legionfoodtrucks - September 21, 2023 - 0 comments

During summer, the food truck business tends to be at its peak since most people are out and about enjoying the weather. However, working inside a food truck during hot summer days is challenging. The summer heat, combined with the heat from the cooking appliances, pushes the temperature inside the trailer up to intolerable levels.

Preparing food in the sizzling heat is uncomfortable and risky for the food truck owners and their staff. This prompts most vendors to install food truck air conditioning units for cooling and air circulation. But how do you install an air conditioning unit in your food truck, and how does it work? Continue reading to learn more.

Types of Food Truck Air Conditioner Units

The air conditioning units in a food truck operate the same as those in our houses. Depending on your budget, size, and heat conditions, you can install different types of air conditioning units, such as rooftop air conditioners, portable air conditioners, and wall-hung split air conditioners. Rooftop air conditioners are the most popular AC units installed in food trucks due to their efficient cooling and also have compact designs.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit

Maintaining your food truck AC is essential to ensure that it offers an efficient cooling effect. Some of the parts of an AC that requires regular check or maintenance include:

  • The filter: This part prevents dust and other air contaminants from entering delicate parts of an AC, including the coil. Therefore, it is essential to keep the filter clean or replace it if worn out.
  • Thermostat location: The thermostat should not be placed in areas with temperature extremes as this may create heating and cooling problems in the food truck. The best location to install an AC thermostat is in the interior wall in the middle of your food truck.
  • Ensure that the AC is well-mounted: Most units are mounted using bolts that penetrate the wall or the roof of your food truck. Ensure that the bolts are properly tightened during installation. Ensure to inspect them regularly, as they can also become loose with time, especially if the truck is always moving.

Other Ways You Can Cool Your Food Truck

Installing an air conditioning unit is not the only way to lower temperatures in your food trailer. You can decide to install roof vents that will allow efficient air circulation. Another way to increase air circulation in your food truck is by creating a larger service window. If you have a spacious food truck, you can install fans which can also help lower the temperature.

Customize Your Food Truck With Legion

Installing an air conditioning unit in your food truck can be a much-needed upgrade that improves your working conditions, especially during the hotter summer days. There are also other ways to customize your food truck, mainly for functionality, space optimization, branding, innovation, and compliance with regulations.

At Legion Food Trucks, we build fully customized food trucks. Our food trucks have all the essential equipment required to run a food truck business in any location. Contact us today and let us help you build a food truck custom-tailored to your needs and expectations.

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