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Food Service Distributors, Buying Custom Food Trucks 101

Food trucks for food service distribution companies are more popular than they have ever been before. Traditionally, food service distributors cook and prepare meals off site and have them shipped to various venues. From schools to mega corporations, food service distributors must take logistics into account to avoid product loss when delivering high volumes of meals to various organizations. But now thanks to companies that manufacture custom food trucks, chefs can cook and prepare meals on site. The benefits are enormous, as food trucks allow meal service providers to make food on demand while significantly reducing food waste. Customers also benefit because meals are fresher and can be made with a customized touch (extra pickles, no catsup).

But how do food service distributors know how to shop custom food truck companies for a single vehicle or fleet of food trucks that can meet their specific requirements? These tips will help.

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The Best Custom Food Truck Builders Serve Wide Consumer Audiences

The trademark of top food truck companies are those who manufacture vehicles for a wide buyer audience. When custom food truck builders have deep portfolios from working with companies like Google and Disney, to family-run food truck businesses and single entrepreneurs, being able to win repeat business from various clients with opposing needs is a true testimony to the food truck company’s ability to make loved, custom work where any challenge can be overcome.

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Look for Food Truck Designers with an Eye for Marketing

The food service distribution industry is extremely competitive, so knowing how to market yourself through your food truck is paramount to hitting your growth goals. The best food truck designers will take your current operations into account, your growth goals, and research your market before designing a food truck.

A good food truck design is never limited to colorful graphics. Rather, it should begin with the platform type. In order to stay profitable, food service companies will need food trucks that allow their employees and chefs the space and room to function, with a little room left for growth. You never want to go too big, as the larger your vehicle, the more money you spend in gas and powering the platform. Ideally, you want something with a tad more space than currently required to facilitate growth goals.

In addition to choosing a platform and its equipment, food truck designers make the vehicle attractive with art work and messaging designed to resonate with your target buyers. If you are a corporation like Kraft and you have a food service division that prepares meals for a large movie studio, you will want food truck designers who consider target clients, their employees tastes, and design a food truck that speaks to their demands. Whether they use a vinyl wrap or they hand-paint a food truck with catchy call-to-actions and bright, head-turning artwork, food truck designers must always look through a marketing lens at all times.

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