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3 Things You need to Know About Shopping Custom Food Trucks

legionfoodtrucks - July 23, 2018 - 1 comment

Whether you are a food truck business owner in need of a custom vehicle, or you are about to enter this highly rewarding industry and are in need of a mobile kitchen capable of fostering growth, shopping for a new custom food truck is quite the undertaking.

The foundation to finding the best vehicle suited to meet your business growth goals is to work with the best custom food trucks builder in the country that understand your market and what it takes to succeed. These three tips will help you find the best company that builds custom food trucks according to your growth goals, market, and competition.

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1. Today’s Custom Food Trucks Must Have the Best Equipment

All too often business owners will be willing to invest in high-end platforms, attractive vinyl wraps, and they go for used kitchen equipment thinking they are saving money. Reputable companies that manufacturer custom food trucks won’t even offer these as options because they have a reputation to protect. When stove tops, broilers, freezers and ranges break down, food can spoil and the ability to serve your product and compete in your local market is axed until you can get your equipment repaired. In the long run, saving money up front on used food truck equipment will likely cost you more in the long run. Be sure your kitchen equipment is just as high quality as your platform is.

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2. Work with a Custom Food Truck Builder that Knows Marketing

You may not think that a food truck builder has any business knowing about marketing in order to build mobile kitchens for their clients. But the truth of the matter is that understanding a customer’s business model, how their menu is received within their target market, and what the competition does to stay successful, custom food truck builders can design a kitchen and work space that will help business owners achieve their growth goals. For example, if a family invests in a custom food truck that can accommodate two people, and their goal is to double their output in two years, the food truck manufacturer will know how to create just enough space without going too big, or to small.

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3. Work with a True Creative Custom Food Truck Manufacturer

Finding a food truck builder capable of welding and constructing a solid platform is certainly important,but make sure you never sacrifice on creativity. The best custom food truck manufacturers have creative teams that help you brand your truck through hand-painted graphics and designs, or with luxurious colorful vinyl wraps. True creatives will know how to help you take your menu, brand name, location, and customers to create a logo and choose the right colors that will make your food truck easily recognizable and attractive.

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Your Ideal Custom Food Truck Company is a Phone Call Away

When it comes to vetting custom food truck builders, you have several options. Make sure those who make your short list meet these guidelines. Then get a good feel for each company. Pay attention to how attentive they are to your needs. Do they ask a lot of probing questions about your business and goals? Ask to see their portfolio and look for a nice mix of big corporate clients along with family-owned and single owner food trucks. Once you can nail down this criteria, you will be well on your way to securing a custom food truck designed to dominate your space.

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