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Why Restaurants Should Expand and Invest in Food Trucks

legionfoodtrucks - July 4, 2018 - 0 comments

One common problem many restaurant owners struggle with is this: Should I invest in food trucks to expand my brick-and-mortar restaurant? This is a very valid question, especially one from restaurant owners who have taken the traditional route in business operations.

If you have been entertaining the idea of expanding your restaurant’s brick-and-mortar presence to those customers on the streets who have yet to taste your cuisine or know your brand, get a quote from a custom food truck builder for corporate clients with the experience to help you hit those high-revenue targets and expand your brand awareness. Still not sure if this is your best move? Here are some reasons why investing in food trucks has helped numerous restaurant brands grow and expand at highly profitable rates.

Food Trucks Boost Catering Quality

While many of the best restaurants offer catering services, few use food trucks to make the process and experience better for clients and their own internal. The fact of the matter is that food trucks make catering a lot easier for restaurant staff and their internal operations while providing a fun and more efficient experience for the customer. Rather than have to use up space in your restaurant’s kitchen to prep for the catering gig, a food truck allows staff to prep, cook, and serve food all from one convenient platform. Food trucks also prevent those common problems where food runs low and someone has to sprint back to the restaurant to prep and cook another batch. Having a food truck to run your catering events also allows food to be cooked and served on demand thus cutting food waste and ensuring top freshness to clients.

Keep in mind that most people at catering events will likely have had zero exposure to your food, so using a food truck branded with your restaurants logo, social media hashtags, and contact information will make your brand stand out more in the minds of those who taste your food for the first time. In essence, food trucks are branded advertising on wheels; when you roll up to a catering event, your food truck’s very appearance does a part of your marketing for you.

Each Food Truck can Function as Its Own Business

In the same sense that multiple restaurants under the same brand name run, basically, as their own businesses, so too do food trucks. Each food truck your business invests in has the potential to attract and maintain cross-sections of your consumer audience–an ideal way to expand your restaurant’s presence and earning potential. When investing in food trucks to offer more intimate menus directed at specific eaters in your customer database, you can tailor each food truck differently to attract these customers while your brick-and-mortar location likely sticks to a more broad, general approach to customer attraction. This will allow you to run multiple strategies, and run optimization tests to maximize earnings.

Food Trucks Increase Your Locations

Whether you have a single brick-and-mortar location or a few restaurant spots, investing in food trucks will offer a low overhead opportunity to expand your presence. The best part is that your mobile locations can move around. This is highly advantageous because it allows you to go where your customers are based on seasonality and other factors such as outdoor activities, concerts, and festivals.

One more restaurant location means you can attract and serve more customers while getting your name out there.  With a food truck, your target audience and reach will grow, especially because it is mobile.

A business on wheels can do you wonders in expanding your visibility. Make sure you partner with a food truck builder that has a strong portfolio of big restaurant clients and large corporations and prepare to re-enter sections of your market that have been left in the dark.

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