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What Corporate Buyers Should Know About Buying Food Trucks

legionfoodtrucks - June 27, 2018 - 0 comments

If you are researching the landscape of investing in food trucks to fit your corporation’s cultural identity and bring unique dining combinations to your employees, there are a number of things you should consider. Whether you intend to offer complimentary food truck meals to your team members or invest in a fleet of food trucks to help your company increase its earnings while delighting employees with creative dining options, you need to protect your investment and your company’s reputation.

Work with a Food Truck Builder that Knows Corporate Law

When you look at various builders in your quest to buying food trucks, be sure to partner with one who has a solid understanding of how food trucks need to comply with corporate laws. Though many state and national laws overlap with private business laws, there are certain regulations that apply. If you ignore these laws when it comes to building a food truck or operating one on your property, you open yourself to some pretty big lawsuits in the event a food truck cook or crew member claims injury, not to mention a PR issue with potential fines. Any company that looks into buying food trucks is clearly an innovative one that wants to stand out in its space. Make sure you have a consultation with a food truck manufacturer who knows corporate law in relation to owning and operating a food truck on company property.

Equipment is Everything When Buying Food Trucks

Make sure your food truck builder has the right connections to outfit your mobile kitchens with the latest and greatest in equipment. There are many reasons why companies invest in food trucks with all the high-end equipment complete with bells and whistles–they want to stand out. Make sure your griddle, range, fryer, freezer, oven, dishwasher, and any other equipment pieces not only make sense for the type of food you plan to serve but are the best in the industry. Not only will you get maximum performance, but you will also turn heads. Ask your food truck builder to share previous plans on other corporate food truck orders so you can see exactly what other big brands are doing in the world of food truck equipment and specs.

Buying Food TrucksLook into Food Truck Technology

Having a few food trucks with big LED screens and sound systems will certainly make your mobile kitchens stand out while providing a lively atmosphere at lunchtime. But there are other cutting-edge ways to use technology that will make your corporation the talk of its space, and delight your employees by making food orders fun and easy. Talk to your food truck builder about a POS system that connects to a mobile app with menus and customization order forms. This will make your employees more productive in the office because it will eliminate long lines that eat up time on the clock, and it will simplify things while giving workers the ability to engage with a fun interactive digital platform. Being able to order from your mobile phone will also increase food truck sales, as it will be more user-friendly than having to queue up and wait as people do at most other company food trucks.  

Research Food Truck Builders Portfolios

We already talked about why it is important for corporations buying food trucks to focus on getting the best equipment on the market. You also want to make sure you have the right truck for your needs and one that displays your corporate branding in a fun, contagious manner. Big brand needs are far and many; make sure you work with a food truck company that has to build multiple projects for the biggest brands. Also, see how many of them are repeat customers. The true sign of a top-end food truck manufacturer is one who forms solid relationships with the biggest companies and earns their business again and again.

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